Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not so pretty weigh in (Jennifer)

Since coming off Medifast several weeks ago I have been counting calories and really doing pretty well with eating in moderation.  It has made a huge difference in how I feel and I am enjoying my new way of life.  My mom is in town this week which is great, but our schedule is a little off.   Monday was my birthday and this past weekend I had a party to go to.  Yes, I did have a small piece of cake and have had ice cream twice this week but I have not given up on the exercise at all.  I have been pretty up to par with that even though it has been a busy week.  With the cake and ice cream cone (X 2 this week) considered I really expected a small gain(like maybe a pound) or to maintain.  I thought I had done pretty well.  I was surprised this morning to get up and get on the scale and see 3 lbs up since last Thursday.  What????  I really feel like something doesnt add up.  BUT....if you were to ask me to go back into my food log where I count calories you would see a lot of blank pages or half filled out pages.  But still, I thought my conscious efforts would have made a better impact than to see a 3 lb gain! 

However, having said stomach has not been so swell.   The fiber is going in but not doing its job :(  if you catch my drift.  So may be that is half the issue right there.  Gotta love digestive health.  I do wish I were a little "healthier" in that department, but is what it is.  I think I will give it a few days and reweigh myself with the hope of seeing better digits :)

Onto something a little more positive.  My mom took me out shopping for my birthday and I got some new clothes...which were desperately needed.  Apparently I skipped right over size 14 and went from a 16 (I only had a few 14's) right into a 12!  And most of the tops I got were medium or large!!!  Yaay!  So that says a lot and I will not let my 3 lbs get me down.   I read once on a blog that with sizes 14 and under  there is only an inch difference in pant sizes.  Interesting.  And that explains why I lived in 18's and 20's forever because anything above a 14 is a difference of 2 inches per size.  So I will take my size 12 and smile about it :)  It is an amazing accomplishment for me.


Laura said...

What an awesome NSV!!! I haven't yet, but I can't wait to get new clothes in smaller sizes! Sounds like you're doing pretty well, despite the 3 pound gain. I bet next week will be normal again.

Thanks for your comment on my blog! What I read about it is that muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns every day. I would love to get the info on Tony Little's DVD. Thanks for the suggestion!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

The scale can often be deceptive. I supposedly lost 1.4 lbs. from yesterday morning to this morning. I didn't eat THAT well. If you're eating well, hopefull it will all balance out and all "come out". We all have those issues. Awesome on the sizes!! SOOOOO much nicer to go shopping isn't it! Yea for you!

dawne said...

It's so exciting to see those sizes go down.

The injustice of the scale is a tune I sing often. I can mess up one day, and be up 3 pounds, be angelic for 3 weeks and be down .5. It makes no sense.

Keep going and you'll see size 10 next!!!!!

You're so sweet, my blogging kindred spirit! :)

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

WOW... that is SO AWESOME about your size 12... color me jealous!!!! (But actually so happy for you) - that really puts your weigh-in into perspective! You have such a great attitude!

Thank you SO much for your comment on my last post! That was so nice to hear. I have been told (in my past) that I was a downer and I am so sensitive about that.

I am in Utah right now... snuck out here and we're hanging out at a friends house (we were going to sleep in our car but my friend is SO nice to us). We are going to a wedding tomorrow for our niece, and they don't know we're coming so it'll be fun. (And they don't know we've both lost weight). Our b-days are on Sat. and Sun. so we thought we'd have some fun here in Salt Lake before we head home... after all, this is where we were married.

I hope you have the rest of a FABULOUS week with your mom! How cool is that to have her there.. and take you shopping. What fun girl time. :)