Thursday, August 12, 2010

Christmas Vacation (Tricia)

My second to last night of vacation found me at home watching some TV while my husband was on the computer. While I was flipping through the channels I stumbled on a show called HUGE. Apparently the show is about over-weight teens at a modern day fat camp. I happened to catch about a minute of it before I flipped to find something else, but I am still thinking about the few moments I did watch. The kids were doing a weigh-in and right after the weigh in, the show focused on a conversation between two boys. One was crying and the other boy asked him why he wasn’t happy about his weight-loss. The crying boy basically said that he wasn’t sad about the weight he did lose, just the realization of how far he still had to go. Wow. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Kid.As I told you in my Vacation post, my husband and I went camping with another couple, Laurie and Bryan. While we were there, I had a conversation with them about Medifast and how great the program was and how well it worked for me. I was trying to give as much detail as I could because I was hoping that Laurie would inform her friend about the program because her friend was thinking about having bypass surgery. Not that bypass surgery is bad, but I was hoping that her friend may have success on the program and could avoid the surgery.Well, with all the enthusiasm I put in selling the plan to Laurie, I realized just how much it really did for me and how happy I was (most of the time) when I was on the plan. This, coupled with my recent one-man fashion show quandary (please see European Vacation post) with a dash of Huge, has really gotten me thinking about the plan again. The good, the bad, and the pugly (hehe, pudgy and ugly together. Get it? Get it?) Hummm…more thinking needed I believe.


99ToGo said...

Sometimes I think that eating a pre-measured food of some sort (protein bar, Medifast-type plan, frozen meals, etc) brings relief because it takes the thinking/obsessing out of the equation. I know that's my attraction to my protein bars. I don't have to think about my breakfast, I just grab it, and can fill a growling tummy :) I like "pugly"!

Bali villas said...

while on vacation is hard to keep with your diet..

Jennifer said...

I am happy to hear of your decision you told me today. You seemed so happy about it.