Monday, August 23, 2010

A new challenge (Jennifer)

Today I was reading Syl's blog and she is challenging me to do Jillians's 30 day shred(really she signed me up against my will after daring me...hahahaha).  At first I wasnt sure if I would do it but then after reading her reason for doing the challenge(to move the scale when it seems stuck) combined with the reviews that are just awesome I decided this is just what I need.  Yes, I belong to a gym but I am going to change things up and add this into my schedule.  Why not?  It cant hurt, except in a good way.  Exercise is good.  Period.  And exercise with Jillian in my opinion cant be anything but productive, right?  From what I can tell from the reviews it is quick in length(a plus in my book) and VERY effective(even better).  Now...we all know that people sure can be critical and if the reviews are THAT GOOD it must be good.  And to top it all off the DVD is totally affordable at under $10.  So..why not right?  Toning is good.  Thanks Syl for twisting my arm, or should I say forcing me to partake in your challenge.  So yes, in a month I hope to be thanking you!  Now that I have done the research I am actually really excited! 

This challenge begins on Sept 1.  Anyone interested?


dawne said...

Yikes, I'll have to think about this one! ;)

Karen said...

Never heard of it. I'm going to see what it is all about.

Hailey said...

I got that one through Netflix...oh, probably 3 months ago...and haven't put it in the DVD player once! So, now that you're going to do it - it motivated me to start it as well! Here's hoping to a fab body in 30 days! :)

Lesia said...

Good luck. I wish I could do it with you. smile.

Laura said...

I'd try that but Jillian kind of annoys me. LOL, when Jeff and I thought about auditioning for BL, Jeff said I probably shouldn't because at whatever point she tried to drag the emotions out of me kicking and screaming, I'd probably punch her in the face and be done with it. LMAO, makes me laugh every time. :)

I hope you'll take before pictures so we can see the changes that will occur! You go girl!

Jen said...

I was also signed up against my will, LOL (I said I was thinking about it!!) But it's all good. I need it and did my DVD last night and my arms feel awesome today! Can't imagine my guns after two months. Gonna need some bigger weights (I only have pink girlie 2lbers at the moment, don't be impressed)

Jen said...

I have too many workout DVD's to justify spending money on another one!! I'll join you for a 30 day challenge though!


99ToGo said...

I have the Shred, and I tried it about 40 pounds ago ;) I should dust it off and give it another try!

I Said So... said...

I'm interested...can I join you?
Is the challenge to do the video for 30 days? Just found your blog, and love it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks to you all for your support.

Dawne-make sure you read the reviews before you decide. That will make up your mind as quick as mine :)

Karen-check it out. I bet you love it.

Hailey- lets do it!!!

Laura-maybe just give it a try? I hear she is a little less intense than her regular self on Biggest Loser.

Jen-I saw your comment about "maybe" being interested. Thats how I got thrown in too! will be so fun!!!!

The other Jen-so you are up for the 30 day challenge?

99toGo-dust that puppy off girl!

Lesia-can you do any toning? I meant to ask you that a while back.

I Said So- WElcome to the blog. Of course you can join us. It will be fun and I am sure it will give results. How could working out with Jillian not, right? :)