Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doesn't it figure (Jennifer)

I am one of the people that seems to have a drama cloud that follows me around. And I hate it.  Sometimes I just need a rest from the drama.   Some people make their own drama because that is how they are.  They thrive on it.  We all know someone like that.  Others are just handed it.  I am one of them.  In short here is what has happened in the last 5 years:  new job, got married, bought a house, had tonsils out, got pregnant, husband got a new job and went away for training for several months, bedrest for 2 months while hubs was away, hubs came back, had a baby via emergency c-secion, had my gallbladder out 3 months later, got pregnant again 3 months after that, quit job, had baby via another c section, baby very sick, stress ate me alive, got cranky and bigger, got some type of extremely debilitating reactive arthriris(so they think but arent sure), took steroid Rx from dr, got bigger but felt better,  sold house, bought another house, and that brings us to about a year ago.  And since then I have tried to avoid the drama, and the dr and really just help myself.  But I decided it was time to have the tests done the drs want me to have.  I am getting my fatty liver rechecked tomorrow, some bloodwork, and some other pending stuff taken care of.  I have been avoiding the dr because I have been living this denial which honestly, has been nice because in turn I was avoiding the drama.  Every time I have some kind of test done I usually get a call later on that something isnt right, or something needs to be rechecked, etc..  It stresses me.  So if I didnt go, there was none of that stress.  But its time, and my appts are tomorrow.  I have gotten myself in *better* shape and have helped myself the best way I know how.  I am running, and exercising, and eating properly.

Yes, runnning.  And so today I went out for my final long run before the "race" on Saturday.  I planned my 4 miles and off I went.  I am getting towards mile three and a truck is coming.   Our road is kinda narrow and the truck seemed big so I stepped off the road where apparently the pavement was cracked and much higher than the ground... and I FELL...onto the cracked and crumbled up sharp rocks.  My first thought was that the rocks hurt my hand.  But, I quickly hopped right back up in embarassment since I am sure the guy saw me.  I made it all 4 miles and thought I was okay.  But when I got home my ankle started bothering me to walk on it...almost instantly after I stopped running.  So, now I sit on the couch with my foot up icing on/off every 20 minutes.  Doesnt it figure? D*R*A*M*A

I pray that 1) all my tests go well tomorrow and 2) my foot is okay by my run on Saturday.  I am so looking forward to it and dont want to have to miss it.


Lesia said...

Love the drama NOT! I hope your ankle isn't hurt too bad. Take care of yourself.

Laura said...

I hope your ankle gets better before Saturday too. What a crappy thing to happen, and lousy timing too.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

GRRR. Sounds awful!! I hope that it all works out!! Keep it up and iced! Let us know how the Dr. goes.

dawne said...

And I'll be praying right along with you!

Ron said...

Well I know for a fact you have done more than that in the past 5 years. You must have gotten tired and needed a break from the keyboard. You will be fine by Saturday and WE will do this race and do it together! Tell DRAMA to kiss your arse because you have bigger things planned.

The truck driver totally looked and was probably laughing, wouldn't you have if you were driving and saw someone pop right back up. Just saying:0-)p

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Drat those rocks! I hope your ankle is okay. You certainly have had a full plate! I pray that it all works out for you!! :)


Cozy in Texas said...

Oh Jennifer. You'll be in my prayers. Prayer for a quickly healing ankle and good results.
Thanks for the encouragement on the 30 day Shred. I got the DVD today and will start September 1.
Less of Me

Barbara said...

I hope everything went well for you at the doctor's today and that your ankle is better. Thinking of you!

M said...

Oh my gosh! That sounds like something I would do! I hope you feel better. Take Ibuprofen regularly and even right before your race! As far as your race time for your first 5K... I think for a first-timer, you shouldn't worry too much about the time. I ran my first 10K and finished in 65 minutes. That's just under 10:30 pace. I'm shooting for under 30 minutes for my first 5K in November, but I'll be running for almost 9 months by then. Good luck, and have fun!