Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A few minutes to myself- A choice (Jennifer)

Our friends Ron and Teresa just left left.  It was great having them and it makes you realize who your true friends are.  But now everyone is gone and I find myself sitting here with a choice.  My hubs brought the girls to dance and I have options as to how to fill my time.  This really isnt something that happens too much!   Sooo...should I relax?  Get in some totally focused uninterrupted cleaning?  Or...exercise since I havent today?    I know what I SHOULD do.  And the only things that is holding me back from success is ME and MY choices.  How much do I want this?  How much do I want to be healthy and feel good about me?  I know that last week when I was on vacation I didnt feel great, physically or mentally, having eaten more food and some less than healthy stuff.  So, there is my answer, right?  Yesterday I was dreading getting on the treadmill.  But I got on and then I felt like a rockstar and wanted to keep going.  So I ask myself...what is it that makes me "dread" to get on it?  It isnt a bother to get changed, and it doesnt physically hurt to run so what is my problem?  Once I am doing it I love it.  I feel great, motivated and acomplished.  But it is just getting to that point that is tricky for me.  And I dont get it.  I think maybe its a mental thing.  Exercise used to be something I dreaded because it hurt, I would get out of breath, uncomfortable,  and so on... but that was 60+ lbs ago.  And I think that it is still etched in my head that exercise = negative feelings.  Isnt that odd?  I am hoping that with time my mindset will change.  Because once I get going its great!  So my goal is to work on enjoying the whole concept of exercise.  I want to look forward to it.  Not just once I am into it, or after,  but before.

Having said that...tonight I will either do a run, or go to the gym for zumba.  I am waiting for a text back from Karen to see if she wants to go to the class or not.  If not I will hop on the treadmill here and look forward to the great feeling of pride and accomplishment that I get while doing it and after. 

Lesia-hope you had fun at your first Jazzercise class!!!  Let me know how it goes.


Jen said...

I feel the same and if you have any brilliant ideas on what the mental block is to the treadmill... PLEASE pass it on. I get on and do it... I'm happy, energized, feeling great! Before, I'm cranky, procrastinating, whiny... etc, etc. etc... I say I have a love/hate relationship with a piece of machinery!

Karen said...

I had fun at Zumba, thanks for inviting me. She was different, but I liked it! I had fun! Good times!!