Friday, August 6, 2010

I dont get it (Jennifer)

I dont get it.  At all.  Yesterday's weigh in was a total disappointment.  Actually it was more than disappointing.  I am angry... because I just dont understand.  I got on the scale and saw a 3 lb gain.  Did I have a FEW extras this week?  Yes, but in my opinion it isnt enough to have made me gain that amount.  I ate way less than I would have if I hadnt been "watching what I eat" and I exercised quite a bit.   I did at least 7 miles of running last week, 5 miles or more of walking(and these with hills so I felt like I had really accomplished something) AND 4 zumba classes which supposedly burn 400-1200 calories per hour class.  Maybe the "extra treats" should have made me deserve a maintain, or even a slight gain but this is uncalled for.   I know I will never be able to go back to the way I used to eat when I was almost 230 lbs.  But it kinda makes me mad that I cant even splurge  A  LITTLE bit without a big gain.  And thats what gets me.  I am still eating way less(even witth the splurge here and there which isnt much)  than most other people are who are thinner than I am!  Supposedly lb of weight is 3500 calories.  I know for sure I didnt eat 10,000 extra calories to gain 3 lbs.  I didnt even eat 1000 more!!!  So why?  I am putting the exercise in and that should count for something too.  A gain like this takes me weeks to lose again.  I apologize for this vent but I am really struggling to understand.  This is the first time in this journey that I am actually MAD.

Having said that...I went to my dr yesterday and they all told me how great I look.  That was a great feeling because I dont get much of that anymore.  But I havent seen them in a while and it was nice to get some positive reinforcement....especially after the scale was so mean.

I may start weighing a little more often.   The losses are slower now and it might be good to keep myself in check every day or few days.   It may beneift me to see how weight can fluctuate with water weight and digestion, etc.  I have always been a once a week weigher so this will be new for me.  Thoughts?

Have a great day.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

The body does weird things. I can't imagine that you gained 3 lbs. of fat either. It could be salt, muscle, plateau, it could be just what the body is holding onto TODAY, you COULD step on tomorrow and be just fine. That's happened to me. Likewise, I'll splurge and eat 6 slices of pizza, brace myself for the scale and find I've lost 2 lbs. It doesn't always make sense.

Keep doing what you're doing, keep exercising and the scale WILL cooperate. I actually think that if you are eating and exercising correctly, you should ignore the scale and only get on once a month. I'm not "spot on" so I check more frequently. That doesn't make sense either. You're doing GOOD! Keep it up!

Karen said...

I have to agree about ignoring the scale. Sometimes I wonder why I care so much with what the scale says. Because after all if weight is coming off and you notice it's coming off because you can "see it" or because your clothes fit better, than who cares what the number says on the scale. Sometimes I think scales lie-hehe. A friend of mine is a little taller than me (she's maybe 5'2). She is not one bit overweight but when she told me how much she weighed (I don't remember the exact number it was somewhere around 130) I was shocked. I thought to myself there is no way she weighs that much and then she showed me. She's not a muscular woman by any means. So I'm not sure how someone her height and body frame weighs 130 pounds. Weird. So even though it would be nice to see those numbers go down, I also think it's more about how you you feel better, are your clothes fitting better. After all, when peopel look at you they aren't going to guess your weight, they are going to look at your for how you look.

She woke up FAT said...

But the real question is , how does your body feel? I'd bet my money you lost fat but put on muscle and or may have been retaining some water.
DO NOT get discouraged. You worked hard and if you do the same this week I'll bet you'll have a nice drop off the scale next week. xoxoxo

Cozy in Texas said...

Jennifer, don't get discouraged. I have weighed every day this week and my weight has been like a rollercoaster. I did have a 1 1/2 pound loss today which is official weigh day, but if my weigh in had been on a different day I would have shown a gain. I also realized that I ate beef the other day which I rarely do and your body tends to hang on to that for a while. It sounds like you have done all the right things so you should see a drop during the next week. Have you measured yourself? Sometimes that shows a difference when the pounds don't. You're doing great, don't let the scales get you down. Remember it's a journey and journeys don't always go according to plan - there are many detours.
Less of Me

Lesia said...

Been there done that. Who hasn't right? It is normal but yet still frustrating. I agree with the other comments. Hang in there as I know you will. I am pulling for you. smile.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I'm sorry Jennifer... for how frustrating that is... But hang in there. I think you are doing AWESOME!!! No matter what that scale says. :)


Laura said...

That's awesome that people commented on how you look! That's such a motivator!

It really stinks what the body does. Calories in: calories out. Makes sense, why can't it work that way?!?!?! What a frustration! I wonder if you weigh yourself tomorrow or the day after if it'll be lower again. I've had days where I go from my weight of 277, and all of a sudden the scale says 265 or something like that. I can't trust those kinds of jumps, and there's so much that can make our weight go way up or way down. It stinks!

I hope it drops pretty quickly. Don't give up! You're doing great!

Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

I could have written that exact post, I don't know how many times. I hate it for you. The weight will come off, it may not be as quickly as we'd like, but it will come off. Keep doing the things you know to be right. Count those as victories, even when the scale doesn't move.

dawne said...

You know I feel your pain.

A major lesson I have learned is that we can't always control the scale. We are eating for health, both physically and emotionally, and the scale is the result - the symptom. I've had to alter my thinking that I'm eating and working out for health, not for a number on the scale.

It's driven me almost insane at time, but I think I am at peace with this understanding.

Charlene said...

I've seen you mad and I know that it just makes you try harder. Remember that you're not doing this to try to please the scale you're doing this for yourself, your husband and your girls. You are special and loved.