Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oy! (Tricia)

What a crazy week I had. On Tuesday I had the worst pain ever in my right side so I abruptly left work and went next door to Urgent Care. Six hours, two blood draws, an MRI, a nap, and one pee-cup later and I walked out of there with a Kidney infection, gallstones, a script and a gi referral. AWESOME. To top things off, the DR said I should hold off on starting Medifast until I see the GI DR and get the ok. But wait there is more... I went to the GYN today for another consult with the infertility doctor and she suggested having my gallbladder out before I get pregnant to avoid more pain and perhaps complications if I needed surgery during my pregnancy. YAY. So now I am trying not to eat fatty foods and too much dairy to avoid this horrendous pain. Well, hopefully I can get this GI appointment fast so I can get this show on the road!!


Katie J said...

Yikes! That is no fun! Take care of yourself.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

"Oy!" is right girl! I'm sorry about all that yucky stuff... hope you feel better and get it all taken care of timely. :)


Karen said...

Feel better soon! Hope you can get your appointment quick and get everything handled soon.