Monday, August 9, 2010

European Vacation (Tricia)

To continue with my first vacation post, besides camping, we went to Lake Champlain for a few days and spent some time at home. Well, while at home the other day I remembered that my husband’s sister is coming to visit in a few weeks and I needed to tidy up the spare bedroom for our visitor. Its not terribly dirty, just cluttered with some stuff that we haven’t put away or found a proper place for yet. Well, I thought I would start by taking a few minutes and making an assessment of the situation so I can begin my proper planning procedures for the rooms clean up. When I was taking a glance into the room, I noticed a big black bag in the corner and suddenly remembered that my husband had brought some clothes up from the basement and asked me to “do something” with them. My solution at that moment of course was to get them out of the middle of my kitchen, so into the spare room they went. I was a little curious so I started to go through the bag right then and there. One of the first items I pulled out was my college graduation gown and thought “this is going to be GOOD”. I graduated from college (gulp) NINE years ago so I could only imagine what was in this bag. But as I started to pull out clothes, I realized that some of them were the size that I am currently wearing. And things like wool sweaters and kaki’s do not go out of style so I stripped down and started trying clothes on. There were about six pairs of pants that I kept because they fit me and the rest, mostly shirts, I giggled to myself and put into my toss pile. There were also some clothes that got me thinking.
I have been so pleased with myself for losing weight and dropping two dress sizes. But, as I was trying on the clothes from Christmas past I realized that most of the clothes that fit me were only one size down from where I started from. The clothes that were the size I am currently in were WAY to small on me. And, I don’t mean, lay down on the bed, suck it in, and pray kind of tight. I mean I cut my leg with the zipper trying to get the waist up over my thighs, no way in HECK kind of tight. A realization kindof formed in my head at that point. While I still think the weight I lost has been a HUGE accomplishment for me, I am starting to think that maybe it wasn’t as big as I once thought. Trust me, not being negative about my recent weight loss at all, just making observation. Is it possible that in the years that it has taken me to balloon up and to deflate, did we change our dress sizes? With our country’s constant battle with obesity and self-esteem issues, did we actually try and make Americans feel better about their weight by making our sizes bigger? This is a very intriguing question to me and one that I would like to investigate further. Perhaps a little research is needed…
The toss pile is now by the door with the other bag..still waiting for a car trip to the drop off bin.


DiZneDiVa said...

I wonder if that's true... I find that 3 pairs of pants in one size... one will fit me, one will be too tight, and one will be too loose...Weird, right? *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

Jennifer said...

I think you should be so excited the clothes are a tad too small. that means you arent too far off from fitting in them. If they were too big you would have missed out on wearing them. But soon, in no time you will be wearing them and then retiring even them to the black bag by the door. I hope it is a new bag, however, and not the same one that is there now. hehe. And your 50 lb loss is in NO WAY small. It is amazing. And as you lose more weight you will find the sizes going down quicker than before. That is what is interesting to me right now.