Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Debate (Jennifer)

A few things:  First, I would like to welcome Trish back into the world of blogging.  I have missed her and I am so glad to have her back participating in our blog.  You all are the best support I have ever had in my journey.  And I am sure that Trish will find it to be equally as supportive.  Her mind is in the right place and I am just so happy for her.  She is my cousin, and I love her like the sister I never had.   Second, my MRI is scheduled for Sept 18(a Saturday).  I am looking forward to some answers and a plan to move forward one way or another!  The ankle does not "hurt" per say but this popping/snapping with every step is uncomfortable and pretty annoying too.

So, I decided a few days ago that I would try a variation of the South Beach diet.  There has been much debate in my mind over this.  Doing it yesterday(day 1) made me feel like I was on a diet, unsatisfied at times,  a bit confused, unsure what to eat, feeling like I should count calories even the plan doesnt want you to...etc.   I know for a fact that I am taking in way more calories in than when I was counting calories.  But on this plan they only want you to restrict the carbs for 2 weeks.  So on the other side of my debate.... I think:   it is only 2 weeks, what do I have to lose?, I am unable to exercise much at this time so maybe this is what I need, and the biggest thing for me is that after the 2 weeks you go into another phase of the plan.  After researching it I realized that it instructs you to eat (get this...) pretty much the way I have been for months!  Whole grains, fruits, and pretty much healthier choices!  So I will tough it out for a bit, but then I would transition into something much more doable and much less diety.  But I do have my doubts about this two weeks.  But, a good thing is that I have again, after just one day on this plan, started to appreciate food again.  And maybe this is just what I need.  My hubs said "you seem to really enjoy the rigidy of it".  Like Medifast...they tell you what to eat and that is it.  I have to keep reminding myself that this phase of the South Beach only lasts 2 weeks.  It just doesnt seem like REAL eating and causes me a lot of contradiction and confusion.   I am so used to the eat less, eat more healthy stuff, and exercise theory.

I will take this day by day.


Lesia said...


Laura said...

Sounds like a plan. You did great with Medifast, so I'm sure you'll do great with the variation of the South Beach diet.

I've definitely learned over the last year that I don't do well with being told what to eat, and the rigidity you talked about. I'm sure if I tried it, I'd go crazy in a week and go back to what I'm doing now.

Karen said...

:) You can do it!

John said...

Hey Jen, I decided to give Weight Watchers a shot. It has only been three days, but i am hoping this will work as well for me as it did for Lesia.

dawne said...

Wouldn't it be amazing if some "expert" just came up with THE answer??? :)