Sunday, September 26, 2010

Patience (Jennifer)

I admit that patience was not one of my strong points.  However, I will say that over the past few years I have been forced to be more patient.  There have been many situations in my life that have taken me completely out of control and I had no choice but to learn patience.  And that is a good thing in my opinion.  Something positive coming from crappy situations.

cute right?

Today, I was feeling a little *bored*...interesting coming from the chick who was just complaining about her new busier schedule right?  How quickly we adjust.  Anyway, I was pouting around the house.  I was cranky.   I have done my best over the last month to be patient with my ankle and inability to run and do zumba.  Today, my patience ran out(did I mention it is a work in progress?).  I got my workout clothes on, my ankle brace, my Ipod, and my kicks and out the door I went.  I figured I had to try.  I set out for a 2 mile run having no idea what to expect.  Maybe I would only make it to the end of the driveway, who knew.  The ankle popped a few times here and there, BUT...I made it.  Two miles.  I thought maybe my endurance would have dwindled, that it might be a bad running experience, that maybe I would have to even stop because I couldnt breath, or that my ankle would hurt and I would have to quit (I made myself a deal that at the first sign of pain I would stop).

I was pleasantly suprised today.  And I was reminded why I love running and why I was so sad for not being able to do it for the last month. Back came my confidence, my happiness, my pride.  All this from a run?  Seriously?  I felt like a rockstar really, and I still do right now.  I was running and I had some time to myself with my tunes.  And it felt better than I could have dreamed.  The weather was cool, the sun wasnt out, no was just awesome.  I was in a zone. 

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  I also believe that most of those reasons we will never know.  God has a plan for each of us and its difficult to understand what it is.  I have liked running for a while now but I used to have a hard time getting myself out there to do it.  Not being able to because of my injury has brought me a whole new appreciation for running. 

Life brings crappy things to our paths sometimes and if I have learned anything over the last few years it is to try to pull the positive out of that *crap*.  If we look hard enough(with the exception of death in my opinion) we can usually find something positive, even if it something little, tiny, miniscule. 

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I leave you with one of my favorite sayings....


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

SO true! You are so wise. Amazing to come from not wanting to leave your house to anxious to get out and run even with an injured ankle! Shows how much you've changed and grown. I wanna grow up just like you!! So glad you had a nice run. Saweet!


Karen said...

Yay, 2 miles. Good for you! And that saying is soooo true!

dawne said...

I totally relate to your feelings regarding running, especially the rock star comment! It's weird how it makes us feel so invincible! I hope your ankle starts to make a marked improvement.

Syl said...

Hey Jen, the bands can be purchased through bondi bands, they have a website, that is where I ordered mine. I also have a pink one that says 13.1 ;-).

Syl said... ;-)

Lesia said...

You already know that I think you ROCK! But just in case you forgot "YOU ROCK GIRL!" So I hope you are thinking of me when you run. I too love the word patience. Seems like that has been my struggle and strength for years. Great post. Get the foot better too. Surgery is just around the corner for me now. YIKES!

Laura said...

That's my mom's favorite saying too!

2 miles!!! Feeling powerful and strong after a run is a pretty awesome feeling! Usually I only feel tired and worn out and stinky, but maybe that's just me. :)

And, regarding the picture of the skunk, I just couldn't look at it and think, "that's cute". More along the lines of: "Poor dog, he can't eat because a stinky critter is eating his food." And then, from my personal experience, crap, he's gonna spray the house! (Happened far too many times to count for us!)

Have a great day!

Jessica said...

Hey Jennifer-
Here is some info on Spaghetti Squash. First, you want to cut in half long ways (this is honestly the hardest part) and scoop out the seeds and gunk. Then rub on a little Olive Oil and seasoning of your choice. I used sea salt and Italian seasoning. Then you will cook it (cut side down) in the oven on 400 for about 45 minutes. Take out of oven and allow to cool for a few minutes. Then you will scoop out the flesh- it looks like spaghetti strands. I drizzled a tiny bit more olive oil and seasonings. It was really, really good. I found online that you can put it whole in the microwave about 5 mins, let it cool and then half it.
I really enjoyed it, and know I will use it again. I bought a smaller squash (about 2 pounds) so I wouldn't have alot of leftovers if I didn't like it :) Hope this helps! Good luck in the kitchen...I know I always need it! Jess