Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not so bad appt and weigh in (Jennifer)

Well, my dr appt today was not as awful as I had anticipated it would be.  And as promised I will eat my words :)   I got there and since it was a Saturday it was a much smaller scale than how it is on a weekday at this large medical complex.  When she came in she had a big smile on her face and was nice as could be.  She asked what happened, I told her how I twisted my ankle and fell while jogging off the pavement onto the grass to get out of the way of an oncoming car.  She asked some questions, I answered and she examined my foot.  She touched it a certain way which I have never done and the popping feeling began.  She said immediately that I needed an MRI and that it is a tendon thing.  Since I hadnt had an x-ray yet she said they would do that and then schedule the MRI after the insurance approves it next week.  She pretty much said that the X-ray was to make sure the structure of the foot is okay and mainly the first step to getting the MRI approved.  So, I still have to wait for the call to get the MRI scheduled but at least it is better than having to go back 5 times for them to believe something is wrong.  That, and she was nice and seemed caring even.  Now that is just what I needed after having such awful experiences in the past. 

I weighed in today and it wasnt pretty.  My hubs told me how good I had been when we were out of town and that when I do indulge it isnt anything like it used to be.  Maybe why would that darn piece of glass and metal tell me I gained 6 lbs from last week?  Today's weight:  168.   The exercise has been different without running and zumba.  But I am actually doing the 30 day shred to the best of my ability with the ankle injury.  I am sweating when I am done.  I also am doing some upper body workouts as well as abs at the gym.  I am hoping it is water weight from the different foods that I ate over the past few days that are no longer part of my normal eating habits.

 I did some research about why I can eat over my calories for a few days and seem to gain 5-7 lbs that takes me weeks to get off.  And the answer I found makes perfect sense.  I have been saying that I want to find the right calorie intake right for my body to lose, and that everything I was finding was saying that 1200 calories wasnt enough for me, right?  The losses have been slow and pretty minimal over the last several months.  It seems like a long plateau.  Well, ALL the info I found today said that I most likely had been undereating  for what my body required.  And that makes sense.  I was doing a lot of exercise and 1200-1300 calories just wasnt enough.  So when I indulge and put the extra cals in,  my body grabs them up and holds on to them...hence the immediate large gain.  It is a process.  I looked up how many calories I should be eating with my now reduced exercise and it says around 1400-1500 a day to lose weight.  I was taking in like 1200-1300 plus all the intense exercising I was doing and now it makes sense...ding ding ding...a bell went off in my head.  So, I am going to try to use this change in my exercise routine due to my ankle injury as an opportunity to get this calorie thing figured out.  I know it wont be easy or quick but I will give it my best.  I will eat between 1400-1500 calories a day for now and let my body get used to that.  And then I will work it out using that as my starting point. 

I am learning something new all the time on the journey. 



99ToGo said...

I'm glad your appointment went well, and that you're really getting in modified physical activity!

Karen said...

I was glad to hear that the doctor was nice this time since we both had bad experiences with her. Let's hope they get you in pretty quick for the MRI so you can get some more answers!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Always something new on our journey, isn't there? Glad to hear your appointment went well. Good luck with figuring out the whole calorie amount mystery. Sounds like you have a great plan to try. :)


Blubeari said...

Thanks for commenting!! I hope your ankle gets better soon. The recovery period is soo frustrating. You'll be back on your feet before you know it though. :-)

Lesia said...

Smile. I red this to my mom, she liked it.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Hopefully your new plan with the 1400-1500 calories will work better! I agree, if you are doing a lot of exercise, that is better.