Monday, September 13, 2010



I just finished a session with JM.....The 30 Day Shred. So I felt ambitious and had the need to blog! I feel so good! It is amazing what exercise does for you both mentally and physically. This weekend we celebrated my son's 2nd birthday and like Jen I cannot believe how quickly the time passes. Anyway we had a bouncy bounce and I got in a few times and I just felt so wonderful and made me want to start exercising again! So as school gets a bit easier I will get back to the gym full time, until then I will do it at home! Yesterday we went to Citi Field to see the Mets play.....well to see the Mets. Anyone who knows baseball knows they do not actually play.....which makes me sad because I LOVE the Mets! Back to the point...I did not eat too healthy this weekend especially at the game but I did not over eat which makes me proud. I have no idea what I weigh because my battery died in the scale. But yesterday my husband asked me if I had my "big girl" jeans on and I did. He said I should get rid of them because they looked bad...way too big. So today I got out some old pants from 3 years ago and they fit....went on with ease! So all in all I guess I am moving along!


Jennifer said...

Yaaay for jeans fitting! I got a huge bag of handmedowns that ALL fit me. They are all great and stylish and it feels like I went shopping!

The party was great. Wish Em could have come. Poor kid. I think she cut a molar since she keeps reachingin her mouth to touch back there...hmmmmm

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hey, that's super cool and fun to wear smaller pants. Woo Hoo!! Good job.

Ron said...

The Mets are absolutely horrible but it was fun to go! You did great this weekend but when the Mets play so bad and you drive 2.5 hours to get there and see that, you better have a slice of pizza to redirect your mind.

Throw those pants far away. Drop a few sizes and I will hook you up with some new outfits!

Laura said...

Whoo hoo! That's awesome!