Friday, September 17, 2010

MRI results...only me (Jennifer)

Only me....  Only I could go to the dr to get the results of my MRI and leave with a laundry list of diagnosises.  Before the dr even came in the nurse tells me she is getting the paperwork ready for the podiatrist.  I am thinking...great.  Then she caught on that I had no idea what she was talking about and said the dr would be right in to talk to me.  So she comes in and says the good news is that the tendon is not torn.  Yaaay, right?!  Thats what I thought.  Then she proceeds to tell me how the MRI did show that there is a pretty good bruise in there and something to do with tendons, even after 4 weeks.   She said it also showed that I have degenerative arthritis in the ankle, a bone spur of some sort(not even sure what this is), oh, and a ganglion cyst too.  All this in one ankle.  Then she says how I also have a fever(they check your temp as routine I guess) and wants to check me out.  I have been feeling a bit run down the last few days but thought it was the stress and adjustment of my new daily routine.  Nope.   I left there with an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection to add to list of ailments.  See why I hate going to the dr?  All that from an appt to get the results of an MRI of my ankle.

She also said she wants to do another MRI of my foot and higher ankle since it is still popping.  She wants to make sure she didnt miss something.  I asked her if I can start exercising again since it has been a month and she said yes but to take it easy on the joint.  I am guessing no running or hopping around in zumba yet.  I told her how I dont have much pain in the ankle as long as I do my "special walk".  I have come up with a walk that makes no popping or pain :)  I dont think she liked that since thats when she said she wanted to do another MRI.  Anyway, I will start out slow.  Maybe the eliptical can be a popping free exercise?  My hope is that it is just the bruise causing the popping and inflammation?  Seems to be taking a long time to go away.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Ouch! That IS quite the list of diagnosis! The good thing is that they KNOW what's wrong and hopefully they can do something about it. I had a cat scan and MRI on my ankle and they just saw some degeneration in the bones but coulnd't figure out why. Now I have a whole list of things that I DON'T have but still ankle that swells and hurts with too much use.

Hopefully they can find some way to fix yours!!

dawne said...

Good grief! No wonder you don't like the Dr. is right. How do you think this will all affect your exercise? Are you concerned. Thinking of you!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Drat... that's a bummer. Better to take care of yourself, though. I hope for quick healings and peaceful feelings for ya!!


Cozy in Texas said...

Oh dear. I hope they can get it all sorted out. I'm glad you're still enthusiastic about exercising - I would be eating ice cream. Give yourself a big pat on the back for perseverence.
Thinking of you.