Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting it back together (Jennifer)

Alright.  This blog is meant for honesty and that is what you will all get.  All was well until the inlaws came into town.  My mother in law is quite a snacker and brings all sorts of things that I love and have a hard time turning down.  I overindulged and have this disappointed and dusgusted feeling in myself.  I didnt count calories and it was so bad I just threw the whole day out.  I have been yoyoing in and out of control  for a few weeks now.  And my weight has fluctuated just a few pounds over several months. 

Enough.  Is.  Enough.

I am back in control.   I dont like how I feel mentally, I dont like how my body feels physically, and I am extremely unhappy with  my being unable to exercise fully.  Its time to get back into control.  Starting right now I will be meticulous with my eating and be happy with the results I see.  I am going to lower my carbs and fat,  and up my protein. I will eat my 5-6 meals a day as I did on Medifast.  I will not completely take carbs out of my diet(as you dont on MF either) but for the time being while I am doing much less exercise than I am used to I think it is a good idea.  When my ankle gets better and I resume my exercise routine I will no longer watch the carbs.  At that point I know it is essential to eat carbs to have beneficial workouts.  So here it goes!  I learned a lot on Medifast and while I will not be doing the plan again, I will use many of the skills that made me successful.  I may even follow something like South Beach as a guideline but I wont officially be on that plan.

I feel better already.  I am down 65 lbs and wont allow myself to spiral downward now.  I have come too far.



Lesia said...

thumbs up.

dawne said...

You've got it!!! You've come too far. Break that crazy cycle right now Jennifer. You can. You will!!! Rooting for you!

Karen said...

I love your positive attitude! With a bum ankle it would be so easy for you to feel sorry for yourself and give up, but you don't and that is AWESOME!!! :)

Cozy in Texas said...

Good for you. I'm going through the same mood myself but bought a new journal and will get back on track tomorrow.
By the way, the link worked.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Good for you on the positive attitude and the honesty!! I've been doing the same thing ALL SUMMER. I'm like you, I've learned a lot, it's just time to start doing what we know!! Stick to it!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

That's right... just a bump in the road.
Acknowledge... Learn... Release... Move on.