Monday, May 23, 2011

My huge (and maybe crazy) decision!!!

Before I tell my *huge* decision, I just want to say that I do believe that my choice to stop Medifast was the right one.   This morning I got on the scale after a normal weekend of eating and saw a gain of 7 lbs....  yup...7 lbs in just 3 days.  So, having been this route before I know that this is because my body was indeed in starvation mode.  I have seen this before.  When I was counting calories very strictly last year and eating 1200 calories I was maintaining.  If I ever splurged for an ice cream cone or a piece of cake I would immediately gain 3 lbs or so.  This journey has taught me a lot of things.  I must say though that even though seeing that gain on the scale this morning was not fun, it was eye opening and really I am not down about it.  I am going to be conscious of what I am eating and work out at the gym.

And of course there is running......

Which leads me to my *huge* decision I have made for myself.  There is a hallf marathon and marathon coming to my town in October and I want to do the half!!!!!!!   I must say that while I am so excited about this, I am also petrified and there is a little self doubt haunting me.  But I have the 12 week training schedule hanging on my fridge and I am going to give it a whirl.  Part of me says "Go for it!!!!!"  and the other part of me says "Are you crazy?  This is for serious runners!".    But now that I am off Medifast I am able to begin my running again.  Having a tangible schedule on the fridge that I can cross off as I complete the sections is great for me.  I am not part of any running club so this is something I will probably do on my own.  Although I have told a few people and asked if they were interested in training with me.  But I am quite aware that training for such an event is a huge committment so I am really not planning on anyone joining me  :(

Shelley- (and anyone else who has completed a half marathon)-I would love to hear from you?!?!  Did you have the same self doubt?  What can I expect for my weight?  I hear people actually gain while training?  How do I eat?

For anyone interested in what the twelve week novice training program ( provided by Hal Higdon)  looks like here is the link.  It seems doable?!!?


Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Wow, that's fantastic! Good luck with your training. I have only done 5ks. Running will definitely help with your weight. Congrats again on transitioning off medifast

Jessica said...

You are Amazing! A Half is on my "To DO" list, but I am not there yet! I can't wait to hear all about your training!

Jessica said...

You are going to ROCK IT! As you know, I was in the midst of training for my first half when I got injured *again*, but I haven't given up that goal. Half marathon is a race for ANY runner, not just the "serious" ones. And yes, setting a big goal like that is going to invite self doubt, but think of the emotions you're going to be rushed with when you ACCOMPLISH that amazing task. You can so totally do this and I can't wait to follow your training!!

dawne said...

You are a brave one! Of course you can do it - you can do anything you set your mind to.

Drag about the scale nonsense. So frustrating!

Yes, we could meet up half way at some point. If you're ever heading Buffalo way, let me know, and I'll so the same if I'm heading Syracuse way. As far as my life goes, my summer's are quite free. I finish up work in June and enjoy my summer's off for the most part. It would be great if we got this to work out!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

That is exciting and gutsy and I know you can do it!! How cool will that be when you've done it, too? I say go for it. Eye of the tiger girlfriend!! :)
I want to hear all about your training too.


MB said...

I hate seeing big jumps on the scale when they go in the wrong direction but things will even out as long as you don't let it get you down and take you out of the game.

I'm so impressed you're going to do a half. As much as I want to be a runner I still haven't been able to get through the C25K so I don't have any running tips. Happy trails.

Corletta said...

I am so proud of you! If you live close, which I doubt, I will train with you!!! Running a race is the most invigorating feeling. I have run many including a half and a full!!! Yes, I was VERY nervous. The key really is one day at a foot in front of the other. DO NOT let the distance mess with you! Get fitted for a good pair of running shoes and go for it!!! Follow me while I follow you!!!

Shelley said...

EEEEEEEEEEEK, I am so excited for you!!! Training for a half marathon takes perseverance, but wow will you be amazed at how much your running will increase. I remember the first time I ran 4 miles...then I was running 8 and that made 4 seem like a cakewalk. It's challenging and so rewarding and fun. Make it enjoyable - invest in proper shoes, get cute shirts (wicking, of course), try out the GU and gels, get upbeat songs on your iPod...just dive in!

That said, heck yes, I had self-doubt. But if you put in the training runs, you can totally do it. And yes, I did gain about 5 pounds during my half training - I was just HUNGRY usually the day after my long run, and also I was eating white carbs the day before the long run, and the day of. But I was in really great shape - my legs were so firm and I was fitting into very small size pants. So try not to let the number on the scale bother you.

I did the USA Fit half marathon training plan, as that is what my running club uses, but had I not found the club, I would have done Hal Higdon's plan. You've got a good one. If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I'll try and help.

Did I mention how excited I am for you?!? YAY!!!!!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Wow, a half seems so ambitious, but you know what? Lots of our friends out there have done it, and I'll bet you can too!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Ignore the scale for a bit and just eat right!

Yea on the 1/2 marathon! Can't wait to hear more about it!

optifastblogger said...

That is kind of scary about gaining weight on Medifast because your body thought it was in starvation mode. Hope that doesn't happen to me! I'm finishing week 4 of a 16 week Optifast (medically monitored) weight loss program. But your exercise and fitness goals are great - good luck with your training and running goals!