Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sore...but good! (Jennifer)

Today I woke up sore from my workouts from the past few days.  I love it!  I feel accomplished.  Proud. In control of myself.  The sun is shining this morning, although according to the weatherman, it is going to be short lived.  But we will take what we can get these days.  The sun seems to be a rarity this spring for some reason.  And from what I read on other blogs, regardless of where people are located, they agree!  The 10 day forecast shows two decent days...thats about it.  But I try not to take too much out of the 10 day forecast because it never seems to be accurate in my opinion.

Tomorrow is weigh day.  I hate to say it but I am really putting a lot into that weigh in.  After my gain last week which was undeserved in my opinion, and the fact that I have been exercising, I am hoping to see a good number this week.  Maybe even see the 150's??!?!?!?!?   I have so much hope but at the same time I really hate to get myself so excited in the event of a letdown.  I dont want to be dependent on the scale but yet at the same time seeing the 150's is such a huge goal for me.   I have been trying for so long!  It is like that hurdle I have been trying to get over for what seems like forever now.  I get so close time and time again and just cant seem get there.  So when it happens it will be so exciting for me. 

Today's reason for losing weight:
*When I feel happy with myself it overflows into all other parts of my life.  Does anyone else feel the same way?

Today I am thankful for:
*the sunshine, regardless of how long (or not so long) it graces us with its presence.


dawne said...

Oh,how I long for the sun. The constant rain and lack of sunshine is affecting every one's moods in Southern Ontario. Lots of rain in the upcoming forecast too. I looked up Albany - it's about a 6 hour trip from Niagara. I live right by Niagara Falls, NY. We do a lot of shopping in Buffalo. You never know, we could meet half way or something...?

ihearteggs said...

How I oddly love being sore!

Kick booty at your weigh in girl!!! You've got this!

Hailey said...

Are you getting rain with your clouds? If so, I'll trade you some Texas sun for some rain! :)

Good luck with your weigh-in tomorrow! I am back on the bandwagon and doing my best to eat well and exercise. I'm down 4 lbs, 33 to go to my goal weight of 140...right now the 160s will be a welcome sight! :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

YES! It does overflow into all parts of your life !!! YES!!!
UGH! Isn't that an indicator ... when the bra is too small!
Good grief!
Have a pretty day!

LauraAnn said...

Good Luck Tomorrow!!!

Kimberlynn said...

I know just how you feel Jennifer. Getting into a new "decade" can take so much hardwork and patience. But hey, if not this week, than maybe next. You'll get there!!!