Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The plan... (Jennifer)

I have decided that I need to hit the gym and start toning my muscles.   Unlike intense cardio, weight lifting I can do while on Medifast.  I should be taking advantage of my gym membership.  So thats my plan.  I look forward to getting back into the swing of things. Once summer comes and school is done for my daughter I plan to get back into the actual weight training classes they offer.  I havent been able to go to them because the times conflict with school drop-off. Those classes were the ones that REALLY made me feel the muscles that I didnt even know I had.  The classes were so tough that there were many times I literally could barely walk for several days after.  This time I plan to use lower weights when starting to avoid that if at all possible.

So thats it.  Thats the plan.  Physically I still feel like something isnt right with my body.  But I cannot put my life on hold like I have for the past several months(like 6).  I am trying to have faith.  And today I realized that by me doing Medifast and getting back into the gym that I am finally making an attempt to move on.  I also realized that  as of my last weigh in of 164.9 lbs that I am only 5 lbs away from my first goal...to get into the 150's.  I have not been there since college more than a decade ago and I really look forward to it. 

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to accomplish my goal and see the 150's!  Its so odd how sometimes it feels like its impossible because I have been trying for soooo long to get there.   And other times it feels like its only 5 small pounds away and I am so close!   I much prefer to think of it being so close and feasible!!  What's 5 lbs when I am already down 65 right?  Thats the mindset I need to have to succeed.  No more poor me negativity.

Today I am thankful for:
*I found a lump in my breast.  I called the dr, got in right away and they did a sonogram right in the office.  This literally all happened within 3 hours of me making the call.  I am thankful that it turned out to be glandular tissue, and also that I was able to get some answers so quickly.  I really wish the whole healthcare system worked like this.  But for now, I am thankful that it worked that way for me today!


Joy said...

Oh my goodness....So glad you were able to find an answer for the lump that quickly!! What a Blessing!!

I am pulling for you to get to your next goal. YOU CAN SO DO IT!!!

Keep focused!!

Kimberlynn said...

There's so much to say...first, I'm so glad everything is okay with that lump. What a blessing!

I'm sorry you're still feeling that something's not right with you. I've been there and know how frustrating it is. For me it ended up being my gallbladder. I knew it months before it finally had to be removed.

As for the 5 pounds...just hang in there. It's taken me all year to get off the 10 pounds I've been working on. I only have to lose another half pound to get there, but geez...4 months!!! Slowly but surely I'll get there. And so will you!

Be blessed

Sea Veg said...

Thanks for shearing your comments. i likes it and try to keep continues it.