Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weigh in Results (Jennifer)

This weeks weigh in was not very exciting.  The scale showed 161.4 which is a GAIN of .2 lbs this week.  Its frustrating and I reallly cant think of anything I ate that would reflect that.  Although, I do think I could be retaining some water.  But, after my pity party yesterday morning and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to put it behind me and move on.  I am not sure why getting below 160 seems to be such a task for me.  I definately have the weight to lose.  But I am now more determined than ever.  I have been trying to see the 150's for over a year now flirting now and again with 160. 

I am fighting back this week and heres how...

*I will drink 100 oz of water every day this week.
*I will exercise at least 4 days
*I will be extra careful with my lean and greens.

My husband must have seen my frustration yesterday morning because he chimed in with a pep talk telling me not to give up on myself.  And hes right.  If I give up I will never see the 150's.  So thats where I am at.  Moving on.  So I didnt see the 150's this week...who cares?  I will see it next week or the week after and I will be just as excited, if not more!


spunkysuzi said...

Never give up!!
sometimes your body fights to keep that weight, however if you keep doing the things that will make you healthy, you will see results.

Jade Angel said...

Sometimes you just get stuck!! I know what that feels like, especially this week...I have been stuck right above 200 for almost two weeks and I want so badly to see the 100s again. I try to tell myself that my body is adjusting and thats why I am stuck, my body is just not ready (even though my mind Your are a big inspiration and I know you will get to the 150s!!

Desert Singer said...

Hang in there! For two weeks I've seen the same 3 lbs come and go... just keep fighting the good fight, you WILL win!!!


MB said...

I remember how frustrated I was trying to break into onederland and was starting to feel the same way trying to get under 150 but it's not all about the numbers anymore as long as I'm working out regularly and eating under control it will come off eventually. Hang in there and celebrate all the other non scale victories.

Joy said...

So true!!! Can't give up!!!! Keep pushing will get there!!!! SO CLOSE!!!

Keep focused!

dawne said...

You'll get there Jennifer! And of course you were the Jennifer I wrote about!