Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still trucking along...

I will be totally honest and say that if we(me and the hubs) hadnt made the financial committment and ordered more Medifast food that I totally would be done right now.  My lack of a loss last week was frustrating and makes it hard to stay on plan.  I am very much a results oriented gal.  Although I must say I am handling much better than I would have in the past.  There have been a few slips here and there since my weigh in.  But I know once my food comes tomorrow it will be much easier to stay on plan.  I ran out of bars and that isnt a pretty thing for me. 

Tonight for dinner I plan to have some baked cod with some spices on it and a small amount of tartar sauce.  The sauce is a requirement to me eating fish.  I just cant do it without it.  I will use it sparingly.   I will have a nice side salad along with it and continue drinking my water and eating my sugar free jello as a snack. 

The wheels have started in my head already about what food choices I will make when I am done with Medifast.  Its almost like I forgot how to eat healthy but I know I will get back into it.  I bought about two more weeks worth of MF food and then I plan to come off.  I read the article that Dawne had linked on her blog and it really spoke to me.  I have been successful at Medifast and kept the weight off for about a year now.  I went back on it to get the rest off.  Yeah, I may have gained a few pounds but nothing I couldnt handle.  The article talked about the last 10 lbs and how they shouldnt be the hardest to get off.  And for me, they definately are!  The roadblock seems impossible to surpass at times.  But I know I can do it.  The article says that you should change something if you are struggling with the last 10 lbs.  It also said that if you are losing weight via a method that is not a lifestyle change you will be less likely to keep that last 10 off when you do lose it.  This spoke to me.  It made me realize that I want to get back into running and the gym, and to feel my muscles working.  I miss that feeling.  Did I just say I miss sore muscles?  Yup :)  Its a reminder that I am working hard and can accomplish it. 

Today's reason for losing weight:
*Along my journey I have learned that I have inspired others.  I have been approached by several people asking for advice or just questions about how I did it.  And while I am not a dr, I have learned a lot along the way and I am glad to share it with whoever asks.  I didnt start this journey to inspire others but now that I see that I have I think its great.  I love to help people.

Today I am thankful for:
* the actual DESIRE to exercise.  It feels good to WANT to go to the gym and to feel my muscles work.  These past few months have been tough for me and I look forward to getting back into the health groove!


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I admire your commitment after a gain - seeing that can really feel like a huge bump in the road but you are doing great - and continuing on - which is impressive. Keep up the good work...make a countdown calendar...take care. xoxo

Enz said...

Your story inspires me :)

Enz said...

Your story inspires me :)

Jessica said...

You inspire me! And I love getting that itch to exercise :)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Hi, got your comment about the chili dog casserole. Here is the link where I got it.

I did add onions and Rotel tomatoes to the chili. I would totally recommend homemade chili next time. WAY less sodium and it would taste better. This was good though. Not the healthiest of meals, but tasty.

I still read but just don't have the time to comment as much! You're doing so well! I am actually going to be starting up a summer challenge (I think). I'll email you when I post the details. If I can't find your email, I'll just leave it in a post! :-)

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

That is one thing I feel like I've learned by being on the TSFL Medifast program... is making healthy food choices! It is also very hard to go off and then get back on, according to my husband who has slipped off and is having a hard time sticking to it to get the last of his weight off. Anything worthwhile takes persistence and that's what you have LOADS of!

Thanks for your encouragement in the running area. I think of you every time I run, girl! :)
Don't let the whole theory of the last 10 pounds being the hardest hold you back. It doesn't have to be that way... they can be as easy as any other 10 pounds. It's what you tell yourself and believe and then DO that determines that. Seriously, if you tell yourself it's going to be hard, then it will be. Tell yourself you've got it in the bag, girl. You know what to do. Stick to the plan - drink TONS of water and let those pounds melt off!!

You rock!


Sarah said...

Jennifer it's so great to meet you and read your story. Don't beat yourself up. I look at you and you give me hope. You have come so far and I pray I can follow in your footsteps. Thanks for following my blog. You are doing me a huge favor as I find putting myself out there holds me accountable and gives me strength when facing dietary temptations.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I KNOW you can do this! After reading alll of you posts I just know you have it in you to do this and stay healthy! I love your posts..... I have been reading yours and Margene's like crazy trying to keep motivated. I am on week 2 of MF (Through TSFL) and need all the inspiration I can get!