Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In addition (Jennifer)

Tonight I worked out with Tony Little.  I used to work out with him lots when I first started losing weight.  I lost about 40 lbs and then the dr put me on prednisone and soon enough(I was on for a month) I gained at least half of that back.  And for some reason, there hasnt been much working out with him.  Which is a downright shame!  Tonight, thanks to my new challenges/goals I have set for myself, I knew I needed to get a workout in and I didnt make it to the gym today.  So, I popped my good ole DVD in "Total Body Weight Loss".  Its only 20 minutes and I quickly remembered that there is no excuse for me NOT to be doing this DVD.  In fact, I also realized that none of these exercised would have impacted my ankle injury a few months back and I could have been helping myself out!  Anyway, it is only 20 minutes, targets your main big calorie burning muscles, and you feel it.   It's 8 simple exercises that once made a difference for me and hopefully will again.  I have been a little blah in the weight training dept, so maybe this is just what I need. addition to my current goals, I am going to try to throw Tony Little into the mix a few times a week.  My hubs and I used to work out all the time with him.  And tonight when I did it, I felt all the core muscles actually working for me.  Burning, but in a good way!  Whoo hoo.  I am not going to make this an offical new goal, but just try to make it part of my 5 days of exercise goal.  If it worked once, maybe it can again.

I have also decided to bump my calories up to 1300-1400 a day.  It's not much more, but I just dont think that 1200 is enough for my exercise level.  And, I am thinking that its probably why when I do have a day or two of higher calories I gain several pounds immediately.  According to what I have read, I am supposed to be able to eat 2000 calories a day to maintain.  WHAT???????? No way in heck!  If I eat even close to that I would gain immediately.  It has happened time and time again.  And the research I have done shows that I should be eating more than I have been for my personal stats.  So, a few more changes to try in this journey.  At this point, I dont think it can hurt.  I embrace learning new things and trying to find what works(although finding it would be better sooner than later!).  And really, it just makes me excited to feel like I am fighting back at the not so nice scale.

Today, the hubs who barely ever comments on my weight loss journey unless I beg for some insight, said that he too feels that I probably need to eat more.  He said he doesnt understand why all my hard work isnt paying off.  I am not sure why it was such a validation in my head, but it was.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to learn to be a healthy person.  I think I have come so far in this aspect.  Its coming full circle I hope.  I am learning what foods are good for me and which ones to stay away from.  And even more important than the knowledge is that I am acting on that knowledge to make my body a healthier me!  I am finally treating my body with respect and care after all these years.  I actually can say that I look forward to learning how to better myself!

Today I am thankful for:
*A trip to a different grocery store revealed a new product that I am so excited about.  I stumbled upon these:

I picked them up and knew when I saw they were all natural, only 16 calories, 4 carbs, no sugar and no fat that I was going to have to try them.  And to be honest I expected it to taste like a rice cake.  So I was pleasantly surprised that it didnt!  And apparently my kids love them too because I couldnt keep one in my hand without them coming for more...again and again.  I got creative.  I put some whipped cream cheese(1Tbsp) and some Polaner jelly (1Tbsp) on there for...81 calories total.  And let me tell you because its hard to tell from the pic, but this is a pretty good size "round puffy thing".  I just went and checked and it is called an "all natural multigrain snack", and I would say its about 6 inches in diameter.  Yes, I am totally thankful for this product.  There are endless possibilities!



Jessica said...

I have upped my calories, too! I have upped mine to 1650 per day, and I am anxious to jump on the scale this weekend and see if it will make any difference. I have spread the calories out among 6 meals/snacks, so I really don't feel like I am eating more. In fact, my evening meal is now smaller...which I think is good ;) Hopefully we will both be showing our scales who is boss during November :)

KellyNY said...

If you're working out on a consistent level, you're definitely going to intake more food. Maybe another protein serving, or a combination of that & more veggies.