Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So far so good... (Jennifer)

Day one of my goals is going well.  I drank enough water, no sugary snacks, exercised a lot and did my best to count my calories.  It gets tough when you go out.  I had a big ole salad for lunch with what they call "light ranch" which tastes awfully yummy to be light to me.  And I had one little biscuit and a turky mini for lunch.  SO, I dont know how to count that so I just said 500 calories.  We dont eat out all that much so it isnt a huge problem to guestimate here and there. 

This morning I went to the gym.  I worked out hard.  50 minutes of cardio and then some upper body weights.  I was sweating good.  I love that.  Then I went to my lunch and came back home.  I was sitting on the couch feeling absolutely exhausted.  The hubs was home and playing with the kids.  I was really considering a nap.  Not even on the couch...in bed because I was so tired!   

I read some blogs and thought maybe I should go for a run.  I was tired from this mornings workout but decided after much contemplation to go for it.  Afterall, its November and there arent many nice days left!  I set out for 2 miles.  The first 3/4 of a mile was tough.  Awful. I was tired, panting, cold(the shining sun was deceptive), wishing I hadnt gone... but not willing to give up. And then whaaalaaah, all was better.  I wasnt tired, I had warmed up, and my breathing was in check.  I took it easy and ended up with a 3.1 mile run.  And it felt good!!! 

Today's reason to lose weight:
*to lose the sluggish, tired feeling that I sometimes get.  I hate that. 

Today I am thankful for:
*a while ago I mentioned that I wanted to have to wear a belt.  That moment happened!  I have these jeans I love and just above the waist they are just too big and I am always hiking them up.  I bought a belt, size XL.  I had never been able to fit in a belt before.  I got home and guess what...it barely fits because it is almost too big!!!  Whoo hoo for belts, and whoo hoo even more for big belts!



KellyNY said...

I don't ever regret working out once I'm done. It's the starting the workout part that can get hard. Pushing yourself feels great, doesn't it?

The Fat Mom said...

I use the following website to check calories and nutritional value when we go out to eat. It might help you when you go out.


A 3.1 mile run is AWESOME! When I start to exercise I have the same feeling of "why the hell did I do this". But in the end I always feel better! Keep it up!

dawne said...

The first little bit of running is always the worst! I read an article about a successful marathon runner who always questions whether nor not she can do it in the first mile. It feels great to stick it out,doesn't it?

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Yay for having to wear a belt. That is cool. Good for you for getting out and running when you felt like taking a nap! That seriously is great... I'm not there yet. Good going girl!!


Christine said...

I love belts....not that I own one yet but I do plan on buying one so I can wear it!!

Awesome that you pushed yourself to run after such a great workout in already that day!!! I too find the first 5- 10 minutes is the hardest part of my runs.

Jessica said...

Great job on your new goals! WOOHOO! 2 workouts in one day! You are on FIRE :)

Biz said...

It's funny, when I am sluggish sometimes the last thing I want to do is exercise, yet it always wakes me up!

Way to go and woot on the belt! :D

Bethanny said...

You are doing so great! I am proud of you-- keep it up!

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