Monday, November 22, 2010

Weigh In Results (Jennifer)

Thank you all for your kind comments on my 5k pictures I posted yesterday!  It was so much fun!  Its Monday so its weigh in day.  This weekend the girls went with my parents, and the hubs and I had a weekend to ourselves.  It was nice, but we ate out a lot.  We dropped them off Friday night and went to dinner.  Then on Saturday I made the hubs a breakfast he loves, but for lunch and dinner...we went out...both meals.  This was typical behavior for the Old Jen.  To the New Jen it felt more like a treat.  I tried to make excellent choices but experience tells me that eating out is tough when it comes scale time.  We did run 5k on both Saturday and Sunday, but after the 5k yesterday we went to our local Firehouse for their pancake breakfast....which was fabulous.  The problem was that after running we were pretty hungry!    But to be honest, I didnt feel too bad about eating it.  I have been exercising and was supporting our local firehouse.

At any rate, the weekend came and went with 4 meals eaten out and 2 5K's run.  The scale said:  160.8 this morning. Last week I was 160.7 so I will call that the same!  Not bad for eating out all weekend.  I am actually proud of my choices for the most part.  I am so close to the 150's I can taste it.  And I want it.  No gym today for me though.  I am pretty tired between the runs and being sick and on all this medicine.  I am going to give my body a day off. 

This week is a tough eating week for many.  So, I am going to do my best to be prepared.  I am even considering a Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning.  We will have to see.  But, I cant think of a better way to start out on of the biggest eating days of the year, right?



Polar's Mom said...

Thanks again for your great comments on my page. I really appreciate it. And congrats on your 5k, that is so impressive.

My hubby thinks I am working out too much, too, but doesn't it just defy logic? That all those calories are burned-they have to come from somewhere, right? Something has to be burned, right? Ugh, I'm confused.

I wouldn't mind cutting back on the exercise, but even the thought makes me feel guilty...and at this point, I still have 40 to lose, so I don't understand how I could hit that wall yet...typically I hit a wall around 180, which is 20 more pounds...

I just don't know-could it be something with MF's soy?

Polar's Mom

Shane G. said...

Yeah do it!! I would love to hear that on Friday morning!

ON eating out, I do it too some now, I just make much better choices on what and how much I eat. I also stick with food groups I know the values for if there isn't a menu for me to find calories on. It is ok because in the end, it is impossible to never eat out again, and you have to do something that is sustainable.

KellyNY said...

Ooh, I'm doing a Turkey Trot 5K too - my first one ever, and for some dorky reason, I'm really excited about it! You should totally do one!

dawne said...

So close to the 150's is right Jennifer! I 'm so excited for you. You had an amazing time for your 5K...I am not that fast yet. One day soon, I hope!

Jane said...

I just found your blog, and I will be checking in again. Eating out is a habit for me, and sometimes I do OK and sometimes I don't. I need to be more consistent about making our meals at home.

Hope you're feelng better. Take care.

mandy said...

I am so excited for you. .I can feel that you are motivated and wish you luck. I followed you already:)

I Said So... said...

I'm really impressed with all the running and you being so sick. Aren't you coughing your head off? My cough is still hanging around! I'm so sick of it! (ha, sick of a cough). I finished my antibiotic and I really hoped it would disappear. If I run too long, I just can't stop coughing. Good job on the scale. This will be a tricky week with the holiday eating.
Good luck.