Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mature (Jennifer)

This weekend we had company at our house.  My parents came and as usual it was a great time.  I usually struggle with my eating when we have company.  But to my surprise I really didnt.  So it made me ask myself what was different this weekend.  We even had a little birthday party for my dad and it involved the usual cake and ice cream. 

This morning I had a "mature" conversation with my mom.  She brought cinnamon buns to bake in the oven.  She was all excited when showing the girls and then looked at me and said "I'm sorry".  Hmmm... sorry???  I felt bad she apologized!  I told her that in the past it would have been very tough for me but that something has come over me that is hard to explain.  I want to be thin, yes, but I am really enjoying how I feel when I put good things into my body.  She reminded me just how awful I used to eat and how proud of me she is.  And she was right.  Just about every meal of every day was garbage.  It was bad.  I want to feel good about what I put in my body now.  I want to be healthy. 

And after we had this talk, I stopped and realized just how shocked I was to say such things...and mean them.  I posted the other day about how I feel like I am seeing the big picture lately.  And I think part of that is because I saw progress last week on the scale(I was down 4 lbs as a result of my changes) that it really amped up my committment.

Tomorrow is weigh day.  The number on the scale surely isnt everything, but it definately is icing on the cake when it is a nice one :)

I hope you all had a great weekend.



dawne said...

That number will be much nicer than one of those cinnamon buns tasted!!! Can't wait to read your results!

Shane G. said...

yeah, I think it is a power trip more than anything, or it is to me. Before, if I had been faced with all the sweets here at the house because of Lauren's b-day part last night and the donuts we bought for our sleepover guests for this morning, it would have been bad bad bad. I don't even have that much of sweet tooth, but the fact they were here would have just had me eating them mindlessly. I had one cupcake last night which was within my calorie bank. I haven't touched the left overs all day. Woo hoo! I suspect that much like my power trip over this situation, you are feeling the same thing. I guess empowerment is more accurate. I hated when I would have an argument with myself over not eating something that I was avoiding knowing full well I was going to later anyway. Now, that argument goes a whole other way!

I Said So... said...

I am looking forward to your number almost as much as you are. I want to see if this "eating more" thing is working...I'll be checking in tomorrow evening. Good luck! :)

I know it is working in terms of feeling good no matter what the scale says...but you know what I mean! :-)

Jen said...

Every time I read a post from you, it's like you are speaking directly to me!!!

Have a great day :)


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