Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Trot 5k (Jennifer)

The hubs and I did a Turkey Trot 5k while we were home for the holiday visiting family.  This is my third one I have done, my first one being last month!  I figured I better get them in before it is too cold to do anymore.   And boy was it cold yesterday!!!  This time we didnt have any *supporters* there to watch us(Karen- I was missing you and your awesome sign!!!) so we had to leave our coats and camera in the car, and we had no one to take our pre and post race pictures.  So waiting around for the race at 30 degrees was pretty chilly!  But as usual I warmed right up when I started running.  Thank God!

I just cant get over how each race is soooo diferent.  There are so many variables that go in to each race making the experience unique.  The last race we did was about 1000 people with fewer spectators, my first was like 2500 people with lots of spectators, and the race yesterday was 7000 people with lots of spectators mostly around the beginning and end.  It was run in the city on the city streets and it makes you realize just how wide the streets AREN'T when 7000 people are running in the same direction!!   There was again no mat so I wasnt sure where the exact starting point was but I knew I must have been somewhere near the front-ish.  I could hear the man talking on the microphone but couldnt see or understand him.  We took off and then stopped.  Then started again...and stopped. There were just soooo many people!   Finally we started running and kept running.   People were bumping other people left and right trying to pass.  It was bound to happen with that many people.  The hubs and I tried to stay together but must have both agreed it was just too hard so we stayed within eye distance of each other but ran on our own.  People were tripping and I even saw a girl fall.  The poor thing.  I wasnt far behind her.  We were probably 2.5 miles into the run and someone bumped her from behind and down she went.  She did some kind of a impressive ninja roll move and popped back up, but boy she didnt look amused.   I asked her if she was okay.  She was.  Then I saw another girl sitting down rocking her ankle in pain.  I actually rolled my ankle at one point but it seemed to be okay.  Luckily I didnt fall.

Then came the hill.  Before the race I was looking at the course map and I heard these girls talk about the hill.   Hmmmm...what I read online said *flat*.  Nope....there was a hill after mile two at some point.  I remember looking up and seeing the people running up it and thinking....OMG!!!  It did slow me down a bit but I managed.  It was more steep than it was long. 

I had bought myself a new cheap stopwatch at Walmart, and I was excited to use it.  But since I didnt really know where the start point was and I didnt see any mile markers/time board until mile 2 I wasnt sure what kind of time I was making until then.  Then the hill came, the girl fell, and I almost forgot about it!  I remember seeing more spectators and thinking that we must be nearing the finish.  I tried to pick up my speed a bit at the end, but I was tired and there were still tons of people.  7000 people is the biggest crowd I have run in yet. 

But there it was, the finish line.  And I could see I was over 31 minutes and I felt a sense of disappointment, although I am ashamed to even say that now.  I crossed the finish line at 32:01 and my chip time ended up being:  31:01.  So....23 seconds slower than my last race.  But when I got thinking about it, I realized I cant ALWAYS better my time.  Plus, there was a hill, it was cold, and 7000 people!  I really think that running with that many people made it more difficult than the other races.  I was constantly watching where I stepped, who was around me, etc.  But yet, it drew a larger crowd which was awesome! 

That was probably the last 5k until spring with the weather getting darn right chilly.  I cant wait to do another!!!  Maybe over the winter I will work on my speed and do shorter intervals on the treadmill... I just cant even get over the thought that these thoughts are coming from me.  I used to be so non-athletic!



Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Totally cool! I would say it was harder run definitely... you did fabulously. Good for you girl, and glad you didn't fall. :)


KellyNY said...

I'm proud of you Jennifer - that's still a great time!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Jennifer- I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you!!!!!!!! This is awesome!
Have a pretty day!

Karen said...

That is still a great time!

Jen said...

That's a great time!!! If you wouldn't have had the hill, you would have killed your last time :)