Sunday, November 7, 2010

My second attempt at the weight training class (Jennifer)

Its been tough making myself eat more calories.  I mean, of course I totally WANT to eat more but mentally I feel kind of guilty.  But I have done pretty well and have been pretty consistent with my calories between 1400 -1500.  Hopefully the scale will shoo the guilt away tomorrow, because honestly, I feel more satisfied and in control of my eating when I am allowed to eat a little more.  I know 200-300 more calories isnt much to some people but for me its huge!  It also allows me to make better choices because I am less hungry.  The protein bars are working out great (Pure Protein brand is the one I have tried so far).  I really like the chocolate deluxe one the other day but was not a fan of the peanut butter one.  But thats fine.  This is a learning lesson.

I was talking to one of the girls at the gym the other day.  She is taking part in the weight loss contest they are having.  I asked her how many calories she was eating and she said around 1700.  She is smaller than me for sure.  This gave me hope.  It made me realize that my 1200/day  probably wasnt enough and reassured me that my choice to up it was a good one.  But I know everyone is different and its up to me to figure out what works for me. 

I have completed my 5 days of exercise goal I set for myself.  In fact, I went to that weight training class on Friday that left me in rough shape last time I took it(I literally couldnt function well).  Although it was much better afterwards this time, I am still having a problem sitting on anything harder than a puffy cloud.   The muscles in the back of my thighs and my butt are killing me.  I was hoping to make it back to do the class again tomorrow but that is still up in the air.  I know when the instructor said  "okay...we are ready to tax out our right leg now"  that I was in trouble.  Yup.   But it feels good.  No pain no gain, right?  Although, I find myself wondering if the other women who take the class as regulars are sore? 

Hope you all had a great weekend.



Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I hope it works out on the scale for you tomorrow. You sound like you are really working out what is best for you and that is good. You are worth it! Great job on your work outs too... I'm sure the pain will eventually go away... although I'm not speaking from experience... yet!! :)

Take care Jennifer! :)


KellyNY said...

Good luck at WI tomorrow. I'm sure you'll do just great!

Jessica said...

I've been doing a strength class at my gym twice a week for a few months now. In the beginning I could barely WALK for a week (and I was only doing it once a week at the time).
It does get better. Now I'm sore, but it's not nearly as bad and goes away after a day or so. I'm doing it twice a week and I've increased my weights as well.
You'll get there. Just keep working through it! I also make sure to attend a yoga class at least once a week to help stretch those muscles out. That and LOTS of protein within an hour or so of the class ~ it helps rebuild those muscles more quickly :)

I Said So... said...

Still looking for those bars...did you say Target???

Good luck at the classes.

Jen said...

You are doing so great!!! I bet the scale is going to be nice to you :) I found that protein bar at Trader Joe's this weekend; was amazing and kept me full for hours!! Thanks for the suggestion!!!


Jessica said...

I can't wait to find out how the scale reacts to your increase in calories. I was only weighing once a month, but I weighed Saturday, and plan to weigh this Saturday too to see how the increase works for me! Ooh I bet a strength class would be hard and fun! I am moving along with my little DVD :)

Barbara said...

I think it is wise to allow yourself a few more calories, with all the exercising you are doing.

I take a regular strength-training class and after the first lower body workout I could not walk down my stairs without worrying if my legs would collapse. But as long as I go regulary, now I am fine. I may be a little sore, but that's it. Just stick with it!

99ToGo said...

I don't know if your strenght training classes are like mine or not (Bodypump type class), but I was encouraged not to take that class two days in a row. I think our muscles need a full day off to mend. I usually alternate cardio days with muscle days b/c of this. And don't fear! That crazy soreness after classes will lessen a ton. Now I only feel sore if we work a particular muscle group especially hard, or one we don't usually cover. Or, if I add a little weight. And, the soreness doesn't last nearly as long as it used to!