Monday, November 15, 2010

Weigh in #2 since my increase in calories (Jennifer)

I was anxious to get on the scale this morning.  I am weighing once a week these days.  It seemed impossible that eating MORE could make me LOSE weight so I was curious what the scale would say.  I was so anxious I actually got up before the kids did which is brave because I knew if they heard me (and they did) the morning would be off to an earlier start than usual(and it was).  Anyway...the results:

Last week:  162.9
Today:  160.7

That is 2.2 lbs down from last week and 6.2 lbs down in two weeks!  I almost fell off the scale when I saw it.  I wish that I had followed the knowledge I learned several months back that said I needed eat more than 1200 calories a day for my height/weight/exercise level.  But I feared gaining more weight.  Finally, I had enough and decided to give it a whirl.  I recognized that I have been in a cycle for the last several months.  The cycle went like this:  I had been eating around 1200ish calories a day.  Then on a day that I would eat more, yet still not all that bad,  I would gain 5 lbs or so.  Then I would spend several weeks getting that 5 lbs off.  It went on and on like this for 5 months.  It just didnt seem possible that adding more calories in could be the answer.  Other than my ankle sprain, I have kept up with my exercise.  So, it has been two weeks now of about 1400-1500 cals/day and it seems that my body wanted more calories afterall.  It must have been holding onto everything I put in so when I ate any more, even though it wasnt tons, it grabbed it and held onto it.  Interesting.  I havent seen losses like this in forever.  My goal to see the 150's is just around the bend I hope!

As for my other goals:  I am still exercising 5 days a week, I am 13 miles into my 25 mile goal by Thanksgiving, I havent had pizza so eating too much of it hasnt been an issue, I am drinking 100 oz of water a day, and I am tracking my calories.  I also think my increase in protein(bars mostly) has helped a lot. 

I am amazed, and happy with the results so far!  I never dreamed that eating more would be the answer.  It wasnt like I was starving myself or eating some crazy small amount of calories.  I really thought I was being healthy by eating 1200 and exercising.  And it wasnt like my exercise was over the top either.  I dont exercise for hours and hours or anything.  But my body was not getting enough, and I sure learned a tough lesson here!

Thanks to you all for your continued support.  It has really meant the world to me.



Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Awesome!! WOO HOO. That is very exciting.. I know how you've struggled with that. It reminds me of what I've learned on Medifast too... if I don't eat every 3 hours or if I skip a meal, it makes my weight losses go down. I actually have to get all the food in to be losing the weight. Maybe it's the same with you... your body needed more calories. Very interesting!

Good job, Jennifer. Way to be persistent and to kick butt on your running!


jamie@sweatyhugs said...

You SO rock lady! Seriously! Congrats on yet ANOTHER great loss!

The Fat Mom said...

That is beyond awesomeness!

spunkysuzi said...

That's incredible!!

Polar's Mom said...

Wow great revelation!!! I think I came to the same conclusion, except I just added more veggies and that seemed to help last week...

Way to go!!!!

Polar's Mom

anna said...

that same thing happened to me! my husband kept telling me that I need to eat more calories but I thought he was crazy. Now I see it does help! Especially when I'm exercising more.

Congrats on the weight loss!

jennifer said...

That is so great!! You're right, this is a good day to be a Jennifer! You inadvertantly answered a question that I had been wondering about. My daily calorie goal is 1700... I usually eat around 1500 but have recently been considering trying to stay around 1200...but I'm going to learn from you and just stick with what is working for now! I'm very happy for you and excited to see that scale dip under 160 next week! You can do it!

I Said So... said...

I am learning from you, too. Thanks for the BIG lesson. Well, I guess I'm about to start counting we gooooo.

I hope my next weigh-in is nearly as good as yours.

Way to go!!!

Christine said...

SO so AWESOME!!!!!

I am trilled for you.....our bodies are so complex!!!!!

Good for you in figuring this out and going with it! It took courage to go against what seems like the natural way to lose weight.

Jessica said...

Way to go Jennifer! Are you adding the protein as your snacks or with your meal?

KellyNY said...

Great WI!

Shelley said...

FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations - I love your scale shock! :)

Corletta said...

I, too, was having a very similar issue. Because I workout a ton, I, too, needed more calories than I was giving myself. You's important to listen to our bodies! Good job!!!