Sunday, May 2, 2010

AHHH,The weekend! (Tricia)

Boy, was I on a roll this weekend! Nate and I saw a movie on Friday night. And, I have to say that I noticed I wasn't so smushed in the seat! Now if only I can get to the point where I can stop invading my neighbors space with my arms...
On Saturday I cleaned the house, did the laundry, and had a movie night in my jammies with my friend Brooke. I introduced her to the Cauliflower pizza and she loved it. She is doing WW and is down 20lbs I think and I can't be happier for her. I think she figured out that the pizza is like, 4 points! Thats crazy! Today I finished the laundry, did some putzing around the house, clipped the dog down a little, made out the bills and enjoyed the evening. What a great weekend!

Tonight I decided to go through some of the clothes that Jennifer gave me that were too big for her. Last month when I went through them, nothing fit. But, it figured that was ok, she was giving me clothes that were two sizes down from what I was at. Well, this time, I was able to fit into 3 pairs of pants and a skirt. They are a little snug, but I figure in a week or two they will fit just fine. It was a little boost I needed to show myself that I really am losing weight. There is a difference between feeling that your pants are too big and then the pride you feel when you can get into clothes that didn't fit you before. I am so excited to get into the rest of them!
I just keep thinking about how I got so large to begin with and having to go to the store to buy clothes gradually because I was getting bigger and bigger. And the sadder I became as that number kept going up. But, now I am proud to be getting back into the sizes that I was so angry with myself for being in. I am moving in the right direction and hope I can continue going in that direction. It is a constant struggle for me.

This morning I woke up and contemplated eating some cookies. But, I had to wait until Nate left the house so he wouldn't see me. Now, I am not a closet eater, but I knew if he saw me he would be so disappointed. I thought about those cookies for a good hour. I just wanted one, but I knew that one might lead to 5...or 10. So, when I heard the door close this morning behind Nate, I got up...and just started to keep myself busy and soon I wasn't thinking of those cookies. And I had totally forgot about them until I opened the pantry for my last meal tonight and saw them. But, I pulled out my pudding and closed the door. And that was that. I am proud of myself every day that I say no.

My reason for weight loss today is to be able to eat a meal with out over eating or feeling embarrassed about what I am eating.


mbm1forever said...

Good job staying on track!

Laura said...

Great job with the cookies! Distraction is a wonderful thing sometimes! :)