Saturday, May 1, 2010

A crazy week (Teresa)

I do not have any results to post because I weigh in on Mondays.....however I figured I should blog a bit to help me stay on track. With the warm weather and sunshine I tend to lose focus. I become more carefree which as we know is a BAD thing to do on WW. I usually do not like to eat a lot when it is hot so I end up grabbing something here and there when I hear a grumble but usually when you "grab" something it is quick and easy which usually = bad. Anyway my week has been very exhausting. I have been thinking about my life and where I am and where I am going. This weight loss journey we are on has made me a different person. This is the first time in a long time that I have been serious about losing weight. I always say I am going to and then start the journey but I usually take a wrong turn and keep going rather than getting back on the right track. Not this time. I am going to follow through. I am 30 now.....I'm not a kid, I'm not in my twenties...I'm.....old. Too old to mess around at least. I need to focus and do what is best for me. I have so many changes that need to be made to make me a healthier person inside and outside. I have a child. I want to be around to see his children and God willing their children. I gotta tell you it feels so good to be down 20 took a while but I actually feel it in my body. I can work out better at the gym, I can walk up my back hill without dying, my knees feel better....not great but better, I can walk up the stairs at work several times without feeling winded and I can play with my son for hours. I cannot wait to feel what -40 feels like!

My reason for losing weight- I want to do all the things I love again.

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Jennifer said...

I want to take this time to remind you of something you said to me. Back when I first decided to do Medifast and when I got all of my determination(it took me forever but I got there), you told me that you couldnt wait until you were at the point where you had the strength. And you are totally there right now. You are in the zone. Your mind is in the right spot and that is the key to your(our) success! Congrats to you for getting there. I think you see the big piture now and like me, you are now a different person because of your realizations. Taking back control of ourselves is definately life changing.