Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 11 results (Jennifer)

Another 1.5 lbs down. Today's weight: 173.5. And something was different. Those weeks that I lost one or two pounds and I was having little pity parties....well, not this time. I was happy with my 1.5 loss. Not just because it is "that time" for me but because I realized that lots of people have plateaus or even gain after being on track all week. And so I have this outlook lately that a loss is a loss and every week to this point my weight has gone down. And for that I consider myself lucky, and grateful. I am down 33 lbs with medifast for a total of 53 lbs total from my highest weight. And that makes me proud.

Today I joined the gym. I met my friend Karen and we went and signed me up. She gave me the tour since she is already a member. And I am going to go next week to meet with my personal trainer. I feel great being able to do something to tone things up a bit. And believe me...there is a lot of toning needed.

Tonight Karen and I went to dinner. It was so nice. I had a nice salad and some mini turkey burgers(no buns of course). I think that I am changing though. I am noticing the salt in things, and the grease and so on. The turkey burgers were so salty and greasy that I actually wrapped them in the napkin in an attempt to maybe take some off. I realized at that moment that I really must be changing. That I loved the broccoli that came with the burgers and that I didnt enjoy the salt and grease that it was bathed in. must be one of those change of habit things I hear about. Did I still want the desert on the menu on the table? Absoultely(even after I ate my whole meal and was full), but I stayed strong(and thank you to Karen who turned the ad for the desert backwards so I didnt have to see it anymore). My sweet tooth is one of those things that I dont ever think will change. But in the end it is all about being able to have the self control to limit those things. And that strength is exactly what I hope to gain.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*So when I am gardening out front and a car drives by I dont have to wonder if my shirt is riding up my back and my love handles are hanging out. At least if a little skin is showing (and only because I am bending over would this happen) it wont have to be such a disgusting sight. Come all know just what I am talking about. Maybe not in the same situation but you know when you go to Walmart sometimes and there is a really big guy walking around with his belly hanging out. People judge, and I dont want to be judged.

Today I am thankful for:
*a slightly warmer/pleasant day. I was able to sit outside for a few minutes while the girls were sleeping. It was so peaceful and for a change I wasnt even freezing. And later I even managed to plant some plants my mom bought me for mothers day. My husband was with the girls and I had a little enjoyable "me time" today.


Karen said...

I had to laugh at the part about turning the menu around. Even though I turned it around to get your mind off of it, you are super strong you wouldn't have ordered it anyway. You know what else I look forward to about losing to not have to constantly make sure my shirt is pulled down in know what I mean? Sometimes it rides up and skin is showing. I don't want to have to worry about that anymore. I don't want to have to worry about what others are "viewing." Kind of goes along with your reason for today!

Lesia said...

I totally agree with the celebration of the 1 or 2 pound loss. I am having those same thoughts. Way to go!

Laura said...

Great job on the weight loss and joining the gym! It's going to make such a difference!

Last night, my husband said that a pair of pants I was wearing were starting to look baggy. One of these days I'll have to measure myself to see if there's a difference.

Tricia said...

hahah! I was just out gardening today and I put on my old jeans so I could get dirty. I didnt have to worry about my fat hanging out, just my butt as my pants were sliding down and my shirt was rolling up. Gave the neighbors a laugh, I bet!