Sunday, May 23, 2010

Privileged (Jennifer)

Although I have been concerned over whether my recent choice to add a few more calories to my lunch meal is the right one, I have to say that I feel so privileged and extremely satisfied after my lunch. I have been doing Medifast for over 12 weeks now and really the only time I struggle is around lunch time. I have always said that if I could eat something a little more "lunchy" I probably wouldnt feel like this plan is such a drastic change. To have a salad with a little bagged toppings that I love(about 10 carbs for 2 tbsp and 90 calories) and some nice grilled chicken for calories and protein leaves me excited to eat it and very satisfied when I am done. With the salad dressing I am eating around the same amount of carbs I would be if I were eating a MF meal but with just more calories and protein. I also have to say that my other digestive "issue" seems to be appreciating my change. I still have a sense of guilt and a cheating feeling which I am hoping to get over if the scale shows me good things on Thursday. I know I shouldnt put so much emphasis on the scale but I just want to make sure I am doing right by my body.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to learn to appreciate the foods that are good for my body. Instead of always grabbing for the things that I was used to, I would like to learn to enjoy the healthy foods out there and feel privileged to be eating them. Doing Medifast has definately helped me to appreciate "real food". I was just telling Teresa the other day that I would feel so privileged having some fresh fruit or a yogurt.

Today I am thankful for:

*my hummingbirds. I put the feeder out about a week ago after our long winter and they are using it. They are just such beautiful birds. And I have to say that the ones this year are different than the ones I had last year. They seem to be smaller and very bold. They dont care if the feeder is 1 foot from my head. They come right up to it. It gives me a great view and it is totally fascinating. The other day I literally had to duck because I heard the "buzz" just above my head, and yesterday my friend Ron said they were attack birds...haha. Anyway, such a simple thing in life brings me so much joy :)


John said...

OH NO!!!! Jennifer has figured out the insert image button. LOL. I like the pictures. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks John :) You gave me a chuckle.