Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 13 results (Jennifer)

So this week has been an experiment for me.  As I have been posting I have been changing my lunch meal up and either having a salad with grilled chicken and some salad toppings, or some fiber one cottage cheese (for my digestive health  :) .  I did this because I thought my body might be in starvation mode and holding onto the fat because of the exercising I have been doing.  I thought maybe I wasnt putting enough calories in for the amount I was using.  I have been exercising about 4 times a week.  My meal changes and exercise have paid off.  This week I am down 3.5 lbs.  My weight today is 170.5.  Only one more pound and I reach  my mini goal to be in the 160's.  I am pretty excited.

I am excited about my weight loss.  And I have been exercising a lot incorporating both cardio and weights.  It feels great to help myself.  What gets me, though, is that I think I am about the size I was in high school yet I see something soooo different than that in the mirror.  I see a lot of flab(especially abdominal) and feel a lot of jiggling and dimples in my legs.  So I am going to keep up the work and hope these areas improve.  I will say though that I put a bathing suit on the other day and....they were all too big on my butt!  I definately need to get a new one. 

Also, got my biopsy results for the moles.  One was "atypical" and they want to go remove it completely.  In my opinion they should have done that the first time.  I go back in July for that.  That is the next available appt.  That's crazy.  I really dont care for how the medical profession is run these days.  But that is another post...

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to feel comfortable in a bathing suit.  This is totally unheard of for me so we wil see! 

Today I am thankful for:
*Fiber one cottage cheese.  Need I say more?


Ron said...

Yes, Jennifer! Please tell us more about what Fiber One and Cottage Cheese does for you. I mean what does it really do for YOU! LOL ;0)

Winner at a Losing Game said...

Wow, Awesome job on the loss. It won't be long and you will have your 160's! I can't wait till I get there too. I am so thrilled for you!!!!

John said...

Way To Go Jennifer! I'm proud of you for you stepping up and making a change knowing it might go either way. But, it paid off for you. Just a few more pounds and your mini goal, that's awesome!

Laura said...

Whoo hoo!!! So close to the 160's! That's awesome! Great job!