Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 12 (Tricia)

Hi Everyone!
Well, my week 12 weigh-in went ok. I am down 2lbs. But between last week and this week, that is only a 3lb loss, something that I am used to in 1 week. I am a little disappointed that my loss has slowed, and I feel that it shouldn't. I am a long way from being on a plateau. However, I have changed a few things. I have been a little more permissive with my meals than I should. Ok, I will say it. I had a turkey burger with a bun. I know I shouldn't have and its really my first time doing it. It made me very nervous. Like it was my gate-way drug. One wrong choice will lead to another and I am concerned. I have dedicated myself to get back on track fast so there won't be another slip up.
Also, over the past two weeks I have been working out hard. I was trying to build up my endurance for the 5k to make sure I could do it. But that meant an hour or more working out, and I don't think I was really eating enough to compensate for that.
I have started to slack on my water too. This is really crucial on the plan and while exercising, but I have not been drinking enough as I should.
So, all of these combined, I am sure, has led to my small weight losses. I have to get back on track and remember why I am here to begin with, to be healthy and to tackle my weight problem. I have to re-focus and get motivated again to keep going. I have to remind myself about how far I have come, but also how much further I have to go.
To add to my disappointment, I did complete the walk on Thursday, but I didn't do the whole thing. My friend wore new shoes and ended up getting blisters on her feet and we ended up cutting through the park and taking about a half mile off of the walk. Really, that is the excuse I have been telling myself. The truth really is that being on the elliptical for 3.5 miles is completely different than walking 3.5miles and I didn't have the stamina to do it. I couldn't do it. It makes me sad to write those words as much as it does to think them. But, there is always next time for me to kick butt, and I guess the important thing is that I got out there, I did my best, and I completed most of it. Even though a little part of me is embarrassed and disappointed.

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Jennifer said...

Just get back on plan and do it! And even if it took a half mile off of your 5k...who cares? You still did over 2.5! Be proud of yourself. As for the bun...I am a little surprised but you are an adult and know what you can and cant handle. So if you felt you had to have it then so be it. Live, learn, and move on. It didnt stop your loss or even make you gain (like I have...snifff) so that is an excellent sign.
I knew something was going on since I hadnt heard from you in a while and there was no blogging. I am glad you are back. Missed you :)