Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 11 (Tricia)

Today was the end of week 11 for me. I am expecting my food to arrive this evening and I can't wait. I am only down 1 pound since last week, but I am really not that disappointed about it. I had a large drop last week and if I combine the two, its a total of almost 6 pounds. Not too shabby. Also, I realized this morning that I am only 9 pounds away from making my mini-goal of 50 pounds, and only 60 pounds away from my 100 pound medifast goal. This morning I also realized that I am a size smaller than I was on my wedding day, which was 6 years ago! I am happy to know that I only have a few more months on Medifast and I can transition onto WW.
I am slightly nervous about the transition back to regular food, like Jennifer. The reason for my success, I believe, is the structure of the diet and no option for cheating. The thought of having to be more responsible and accountable to myself is a little frightening. But, I have a little more time to start talking myself into that step. Also---Jennifer please read----By the time I am ready for WW, I will have decreased my stomach capacity and probably won't be as hungry. So instead of starting the WW diet right away and still being hungry after eating all of my points, I am hoping that the treat of actually eating food will be enough for me and I won't be hungry once I eat my points for the day. Ya know, like a normal person. I recently decided to remove my lunchtime Medifast meal and replace it with a small salad. It is around the same calories as my medifast meal and I am eating low-carb veggies. By cutting down on that one meal will help me save some extra money so I can continue on the plan longer too. So far, it has not changed my weight loss.

My reason for losing weight today is: To look the way I did when my husband and I first met 12 years ago.


John said...

One fo the things that we realize is that our goals are sometimes so off base. Even though we want to lose a great deal of weight, we tend to forget that we need to set smaller goals to work towards the larger ones. That was my mistake a few years ago and the reason for my failure. I wanted to to lose it all and lose it now and never saw the smaller picture before seeing the big one.
Glad to see you are excited still and seeing that even one pound is a success!
I'm still waiting for my food. I need food!!!!!!!

Lesia said...

Being a WW dieter and almost at my mini goal of 50 pounds lost (only 2.2 to go). I can tell you that you should not have any problem with the WW program. Yes you can eat ANYTHING as long as you track the points. But there are so many filling foods that you are asked to eat everyday that once you eat those you really DO feel full and satisfied.

I totally could not live on a strict program because it would drive me crazy. It would be like I am on a DIET and not feel like I made a LIFE STYLE change.

Good luck with reaching your mini goal. "Baby Steps"!

Tricia said...

Just to comment on my own blog: My husband said the other night that I looked like I was down to the weight of when we first met. I didnt tell him about my happy thought for the day, so it was really a nice boost when he told me. Although, I did inform him that I have another 60 lbs to go before THAT weight. But it was still really nice of him to say!