Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MIA (Jennifer)

I know it has been a while since I have posted. It has been a crazy several days. When Trish called me yesterday to see what the deal was and I explained how busy I have been even she said " have been busy". To keep things brief, I went out of town to visit the fam, had a nice time, came back into town, went to Zumba(lost my money for the class, emptied my whole purse in front of everyone twice, found my money, and then sweat like a pig at zumba since I was all worked up before I even went in!),found a car we wanted online, went back out of town (the other way) to test drive and negotiate, came back to town, did all the legwork for that and now have to go back out of town today to pick it up(assuming the FexEx guy comes at a reasonable time). And in the midst of all of this we brought the kids to the bounce house, McDonalds playhouse, and even did a little grocery shopping.

I had a nice time at my moms this weekend. I stayed focused and even yesterday at McDonalds when everyone was eating my favorite foods and I pulled out my bar I realized something. This has become the norm for me. It is no longer me feeling deprived. Instead it is something that I have accepted. In most ways MF is so easy and so calculated. And I get nervous thinking about how I will do when I am no longer on MF and have to make my own choices. I have been asking myselg a lot lately how much longer I will be doing MF. I was a little discouraged by my one pound loss last week. I actually thought to myself "$75 this week to lose one pound". There is a great offer to a gym that I want to go to where I live that my friend Karen told me about. The offer expires soon. But I am hesitant to join when on Medifast since I am supposed to not exercise much since that seems to slow the loss in my case. And like I have said before it is quite a mental block for me to accept a lack of exercise with weight loss. For me the two go hand in hand. So yesterday I got on the scale early. Two days early. I dont really ever do this. But after my one pound loss I was thinking that if there wasnt a loss that I would consider transitioning off of Medifast and pick up the exercise. But when I got on the scale I saw 3 lbs down since my last weigh in 5 days before! My weight: 175. That is 51.5 lbs for me total and 31.5 of that is from Medifast. So then I decided maybe I should hold off for a little while and just continue on with MF and get some more weight off (hopefully). So that is what I will do. As for the gym...I will probably still join so I get the great rate and then it will be ready for me when I do decide to transition off MF. But I have learned this...the weeks that I drink more soda adn exercise less I seem to lose the most weight. I am sure some of this is coincidence but still... I have learned to keep the exercise to a minimum and hope for good results :)

Today's reason for losing weight:
*So when I meet people for the first time I am not embarassed at how I look.

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skinnyhollie said...

Honestly, this is exactly why I quit Medifast. It is only worth the time and money when you are losing big numbers. But the idea that EXERCISE is discouraged so you will weigh less? That (in my opinion) is absurd. And it is also not healthy overall. Yes, I want to lose weight. But overall health is more important to me. I need to move, to exercise.