Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am okay with it.... (Teresa)

So I weighed in on Monday and I was only down 1/2 a pound...but I am okay with it. You see The weather was really nice last week and I lost focus. I was not writing down points, I skipped the gym and over the weekend I went to my favorite fast food restaurant. I will say that I was really scared to get on the scale but I got on. I guess the loss was good because in reality even though I was not writing down what I was eating to a certain extent I must have been thinking about what I was putting in my mouth. Had I gone all out and just had whatever I wanted whenever I wanted I definitely would have gained. On Sunday I went to Applebee's and although I wanted fries I ordered a salad, mainly because the day before Shea and I went to Gene's (which just opened for the summer!!!) and I had a grilled cheese and french fries. Now usually I would think that eating bad on Saturday gave me the right to continue to eat bad on Sunday...not this time! I got right back on track. This is big for me. Being down the 1/2 pound this week put me closer to my first mini goal (which I just made!). I need to lose 6 more pounds to weigh what I did before I got pregnant for Shea. I have not decided yet what my next mini goal will be but I am thinking 20 pounds because that will bring me back to my old steady weight. But I am not going to stop there cause after that I want to lose 11 more which will bring me back to what I was on my wedding day.....and I must say I did look good!


Laura said...

Great job not losing focus after eating out! That is what's made the difference for me as well. After eating something that I know is not good for me, the next meal is much more on track!

terr2131 said...

Thanks! It is such a challenge to stay on track, has to be done!