Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 10 (Jennifer)

I got on the scale this morning and it said the same as it did on my early weigh in on Tuesday. 175. Minus 3 lbs for the week. And I am very happy with that. I think in high school I weighed around 170ish but I dont remember being as big as I am now. Of course my whole body figure is different after having gotten so big, having two babies in 15 months, two c-sections, my gallbladder surgery and so on...I guess things were bound to change.

Yesterday I pulled up the BMI chart. I was a little shocked that I had to search several times for one that had my previous weight of 226.5 on it. I guess I knew I was heavy but I never thought that I was big enough that I was off the charts...literally. Anyway...I think the results were that I had a BMI of about 39 at my heaviest and I am now at 30. I think it is great that I have dropped 9 pts in BMI. However, I was again surprised that I am still considered OBESE. Wow...that was a bit shocking for me. I know I am still heavy but obese? When I get to a BMI of 29 I am considered OVERWEIGHT instead of OBESE and at 24 I will be considered at the high end of healthy. What weight is a BMI of 24 at my height? 145 pounds. That is exactly 30 lbs from where I am today. Do I think I can do it? I sure hope so!!! I am going to keep trucking along. According to the BMI chart a healthy weight for my height is 110-145 lbs. I think 145 may be achievable but I cant ever see myself at 110 lbs. I think that is much to small for my frame and my "top heaviness". so at this point I am going to set my ULTIMATE GOAL at 140 lbs. 35 more pounds from where I am today. Until this point I wasnt sure what my end goal should be. But now that I a little smaller I feel that I can make a little better of a judgement.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to be at a healthy BMI.

What I am thankful for today: (this is a new segment I found on a blog I read and I really like it. Why not add a piece of positivity every day?)
*today I am thankful that my husband FINALLY fixed my vacuum(that he swore there was nothing wrong with for several weeks). Hey...when you are a stay at home mom these things are a big deal :)

Have a good day everyone.



Laura said...

Yesterday, I was surprised to learn that my BMI at my weight goal of 155 pounds would still be considered overweight. I think that's stupid, considering that I am very large boned, and I don't even know if getting down to 155 is feasible. My little sister is skinny, yet she still weighs 170 pounds. I'd say she's healhty though. I think the BMI chart needs to be adjusted a bit.

Great job on the loss again! That's awesome that you're at what you weighed in high school. I can't wait to be at 180, just for that same reason!

Juliana said...

Hey ladies, go check out my latest post.. there is something waiting for you:)