Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An executive decision and TMI (Jennifer)

I apologize right off the bat if this is TMI for some of you. But I feel it must be explained in order to rationalize my decision. I am going to continue on with MF as I said I was going to. However, I have been having some "issues" in the digestive department for several weeks now. Actually, I have always had issues but have always been able to keep it under control with diet and such. But with MF it seems a little more difficult since you are so limited in the foods you can eat. I know the bars and shakes and all the food really are supposed to have enough fiber, but apparently it is not enough for me. I have tried to "help" myself by drinking more water, more lettuce, etc. But all of this and no success. I told myself that something has to give. I have to do something because I just cant be this uncomfortable anymore. So.... I decided to replace 1 MF meal a day with some fiber one cottage cheese. I calculated and if I have two servings it is 160 calories, 4gr fat, 10 grams of fiber, and 16 carbs, and 20 protein. So I figure with the kids taking bits of my serving it would even be a little less. The way I see it is that this meal is pretty comparable to a MF meal other than not having all the vitamins of a MF meal. Anyway, I decided to give this a whirl yesterday and today and see how it goes. but like I said, I really feel like I have to do something. I am not going to feel all guilty and like I am going off plan. ACtually, I feel it is just the opposite. I am trying to help myself out so I can actually STAY ON plan and feel good.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*Today at the gym I was doing the hip machine. You sit on it and push your thighs out. Except you are kinda laying back a bit. This was NOT a pretty sight in the mirror, or looking down at my belly for that matter. Actually, it was awful :( I would appreciate to see something a little more attractive with some more weight loss.

Today I am grateful for:
*not being attacked by the dog across the street on our walk/jog last night. He came running at us (Sugar was on a leash) and would not leave Sugar alone. He was still on her as we were walking away and he was even growling. I must say Sugar handled herself well. Anyway, I decided to start running and the dog finally left us alone. We went a different way than our usual walk/jog, and when I checked the mileage after with the car I ran 1.3 miles and walked the same! Yaay! That is .3 more miles jogging than I have ever done. And that I am thankful for as well :)


Winner at a Losing Game said...

I don't blame you. I have blogged about the same issues. It is too hard not being able to go and you know you need to.

Tricia said...

I support your executive decision. Its not like you are having cake and icecream to replace your meal. you will be fine and I hope themselves out. hehe

Lyn said...

Sorry you're having a hard time. I am just catching up but have you tried Benefiber or some other powder that you could mix in your shakes?

Karen said...

I laughed out loud when I read the part about working out on the hip/outer thigh machine. I thought that machine was placed in an odd place. Who needs to see that? But again, we're all women there so I guess it doesn't really matter. At least anytime I've ever used that machine, nobody is doing the weights in front of me. But you are right, not a pretty sight!

Jennifer said...

Lyn-a few weeks ago I did check out benefiber. I cant remember why but it didnt seem worth it to me. I think maybe there were more carbs and not that much fiber as I would have liked? I have always had stomach issues :(