Sunday, May 9, 2010

I felt good! (Jennifer)

Since weigh in on Thursday I have had the frumpy feeling again. I think that I have been doing pretty well but since I have not measured anything out I dont feel 100% confident like usual. Today is Mothers day(my parents were in town) and I had a little piece of bacon with everyone's breakfast this morning. It was very yummy. I figured no carbs and very few calories (it was the precooked kind) so I went for it. But I felt like a cheater. Then we went to lunch with my inlaws today. That was nice. We went to Denny's which is a "hard one" for me because I love so many of the greasy fried foods there. The girls got some pancake puppies that I was drooling over. I had some of my mother in laws meat omelet and I ordered a grilled chicken salad. Usually the salads at any restaurant dont have anywhere close to 6 oz of chicken so I also ordered a scrambled egg on the side to complete my protein. And I was glad I did. There wasnt much chicken on it. I got my dressing on the side and dunked. It was good. But again...not a mesured amount so I dont feel 100% confident. I guess I should give myself a break because it isnt like I had something that was totally off a Wegmans sub, or real pizza, or a MCdonalds cheeseburger and fries...I am sure you are getting the point. I have made plenty of cookies and cakes and mufins and so on and have remained stronger than I thought I ever could. I should take pride in that, right??????

Last night this "wind" came over me. I was playing with the kids and had so much energy! The girls were just loving this side of mommy. I mean, I play with them all the time but I was literally RUNNING around the house as we were chasing each other. I had so much fun and then it hit me. I was out of breath like maybe most people would be(?) but it was not an exhausted, uncomfortable, "I have to sit down" kind of feeling. I had forgotten there was such a thing! Yaaaay me! And I was again reminded of this today. I took the dog for a walk and decided to jog back. Usually by the half way point I am praying to see the sight of my house. But not today. I was just going. Jogging. One step. Another step. Listening to my music. And then it dawned on me. I am not tired! I am not praying to see my house. I am just "doing this". Like it was an enjoyable thing. BECAUSE IT WAS!!!! OMG!!! Who am I? Me???? I am ENJOYING my jog. I havent jogged in a while so I expected just the opposite. A tired me. But no. The tired, praying to see my house Jen was not there. I really like this Jen. I thought it was a little odd over the last few weeks that I thought I was actually missing my jogs. That would just be a foreign thought that I, Jennifer, could possibly miss any form of exercise. But I did, and my jog was totally enjoyable today. And...on a side note... Sugar is now on "weight control" food and let the record show that she kept up with me today :) However, I will mention that is is already in bed. haha.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to experience other things that I may find enjoyable but never knew it at a heavier weight. So far jogging and zumba are things that I NEVER thought would ever be "my thing". I like this new self discovery thing I have going on...providing it reveals good stuff of course :)

Today I am grateful for:
*my mother. My mother is possibly the best mother in the world. I really do feel that way. She is so supportive and always there for me no matter what.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there! Enjoy your day!


terr2131 said...

Jen you are so cool! I love that you are finding out new things about you. Isnt the running around the house thing great?!?!? I do it with Shea too and I have so much fun. LIke you said I can do it now without being tired. Hearing his belly laugh makes it so worth it! I am really proud of you, and I feel the same way about my mom!

Karen said...

I love running around the house with Shaylin. It's so fun. Keep up the good work! Hoep you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

Tricia said...

YAY! I am so glad that you are able to enjoy moving around more with the girls! It will make a difference to them more than you think! Keep it up!