Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cold (Jennifer)

I am cold. I am cold most of the time these days. My hands are like ice. Is it better than sweating profusely? Definately. My husband says it is because I am losing weight and my body is not used to it yet. And he whines when I untuck his shirt to put my freezing ice cold hands on his warm stomach. He may pout and whine but he always "lets me in". hehe. I think he knows the alternative is to turn on the heat. He always seems to be warm.

When I was heavier and my little girl was "sick" I seemed to be sweating all the time. Like hot flashes almost. At first I thought it was all hormonal because I had just had a baby. Then I thought it was from all the stress of her illnesses. But the sweating kept on even through the winter, and after she got better. And last summer was a nightmare. We bought our house with no A/C and no windows to install one ourselves. I spent most of last summer sweating and sticky and just plain miserable. I remember watching the weather every day praying it wouldnt be so hot. But something is different now. While it is pretty cool out now, we have had a few hot days here so far this year. And although I was hot and sticky, I was NOT miserable. I was NOT uncomfortable just moving around, or existing for that matter. My clothes were not sticking to me. Is this how "normal" people react to the heat? Am I becoming normal? Or is it just that my body has now gotten used to being cold all of the time? And a little heat is not as awful as it used to seem. Either way, I will take it! I would rather be cold and put on a blanket or the heat than to feel like I did last summer. Please dont be mistaken...we will still be getting central air next month :) I know I have said it in past posts, but even I know that I was not very "sweet" last summer :)

Today's reason for losing weight:
* I like this feeling that I have right now. I still have more weight to go but I feel good about me. It is great to feel good about me instead of always having that chip(my weight) on my shoulders.

Today I am thankful for:
* being able to look back on the stress we endured when our little girl was sick. I wondered if there would ever be a day when all was okay and be able to look back on it as a thing of the past. I wondered if there would ever be a time to look back and pull some sort of positive out of it. And I have. Thank you to those of you who helped me (us) through it. And of course, thanks to God. He showed me that I am stronger than I thought I was, even if it did take a toll on me.


Winner at a Losing Game said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. You are doing great and I only wish I was where you are! Anyway, I was cold too for the longest time. I even made them put a heater in my office. Well, that does pass, cuz now I am not cold most of the time. It gets better I think, after the body adjusts. Plus, summer is coming too. Take care, friend. You are doing great.

FrugalMom said...

Thank you for stopping by The Fit & Frugal Challenge!

I don't know how hot it gets, where you live, but we turned the A/C on, when it got above 92 the other day. Today it is down to around 85, so we have the windows open and it feels so good. I can imagine that the more weight you have on the harder it is to manage in the heat.

Sue said...

It's been awhile since I've read your blog, you've always been a great writer...remember "The Tomatoe Thief"? heheehe Jen you are an amazing daughter and person and I think its time you are finally realizing it!!! You are such a talented beautiful person that has so much to give and show the world. Just look at your girls!!! They are gorgeous (I may be just a little prejudice), happy, respectful and polite and did I mention just all around amazing just like their mother?? You look like a hundred bucks although I'm not too sure how I feel about sharing my clothes now, just kidding, you know what's mine is yours, except socks maybe. I would like to thank you for mentioning me in your blog, its nice to know I'm loved. Alright, I have to get back to work, I love you and keep up the good work. Mom