Sunday, May 9, 2010

Early (teresa)

I weighed in a day early because my mother being the awesome mom she is made me my favorite dinner (eggplant) for mother's day. I lost 1 pound this week, and I am happy. I only went to the gym once and I did not write down points. This week my plan is to write down points and to hit the gym at least 2x's and then take Shea on some wagon rides. The weeks I did wagon rides I was losing between 2-4 lbs a week. I think it is because it ends up being weights and carido! Not to mention Shea will ask for "more" every time I try to stop and we end up being out there for hours! I am now 5 pounds away from my mini goal and 39 pounds from my end goal. That seems very doable!!!! Today I looked at my butt (naked) in the mirror and I noticed how much less bumpy my skin looked...that was super exciting! Gross but exciting! I would really like to lose 8 pounds this month. That would put me over my mini goal by June. I wanted to wear a bikini this summer but that probably wont happen, I will spare everyone that pain! I keep thinking it could have if I stayed on Medifast...oh well. That was too hard because of the whole meat thing. I am going to step it up with fruits and veggies and kick my rear into gear with the exercise. I know I can do better and I will! Happy Mother's Day !!!!

What I am thankful for:
The opportunity to be a mother
My mother
My friends who are helping me be a healthier me!

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Tricia said...

You are doing great! 1lb is still 1lb is still one lb closer to your goal than you were last week! I say that even if you make your goal past summer, you should go on vacation in the winter to somewhere warm and sport that bikini bod!