Saturday, June 12, 2010

A busy few days (Jennifer)

I am still on plan.  It has been a busy few days and that is where Medifast is an awesome program.  There is very little to think about other than the lean and green meal and easy to stay on plan even when busy!  Wednesday was dance class, Thursday rehearsal for my little girl's first recital, and then Friday the actual recital ( I was a volunteer so it was much more than just going and watching), and today we were in a parade!  And for all of this we had company visiting.  My mom and grandmother came out to see all of this and it was a great time.  And the best baby danced on the stage in front of everyone and she was really good!!!!  This is most exciting because she has had a few public performances with her dance class and for all of them she froze when she got up there and didnt dance.  But not this time.  She was really awesome up there, and I was just beaming from the front row!!!  Her parade was great today too.  I am so glad to have her involved in the community.  She was so cute as we were riding in the back of a pickup truck with her princess dress and tiarra waving.  Three years old and so innocent.  And my two year old....just the same.  She watched her sister so proudly on that stage, and again today as the truck went by her.  She was clapping and so excited!  Yesterday she was saying "I want to get on the stage and dance!!!".  Next year then will both be involved.  My girls...where does the time go??? 

So the busy week/end took a lot of thought off of food and it was nice to be focused elsewhere!  I was forgetting to eat and to be honest, I wasnt real hungry either.  But I caught up with my meals.  I am running out of bars and need to make a definate decision for my next step.  Figure it out Jennifer!!!!! 

I would like to say that I am so proud of Tricia who is now down 53 lbs!  She is doing so great and I am so glad to see the optimism and even excitement in her to see this journey through.  It takes a whole lot of dedication and she definately has it! I am so sad that I have not seen her in a very long time and I cant wait to see the difference in her when I do see her!!!!!  I bet I fall over.  I bet its been since Easter?????

Today's reason to lose weight:
*I think I will set my goal to be in a size 8 pants.  I am not sure if this is possible but the smallest size I ever remember wearing is a 10.  So why not push myself just a little further?  Size 8 here I come.  Right now I am wearing 14 or 16 which is a great improvement from the 20's I was wearing.  And honestly, I was squeezing in those and should have been wearing a size 22 for sure.

Today I am thankful for:
*Teresa, Ron and Shea sent my baby flowers to our house for her big recital day!  It just about brought tears to my eyes.  And our other friends who live out here actually came to her recital!  I was so touched that these people are my friends and all would go out of their way for my baby girl.  Okay...the tears are starting again.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!


Ron said...

We are glad that Olivia performed like the SUPERSTAR she is! Even when you are far away we're always close. You know Baby Shea loves his Girls! Can't wait to see the video;-)

Lyn said...

The recital is SO exciting!! I am happy for you and her :)

The do come out of their shells eventually and then there is no stopping them!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Is there anything better than watching your child do something and the pride you feel almost makes you cry. sometimes does make you cry! OH girl! Yes! Gotta love friends!
Have a pretty day,

John said...

Congrats on the recital. And awesoem job staying on plan.