Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No gym, McDonalds, and THE DRESS (Jennifer)

There was no trip to the gym this morning.  Just as I thought all was back in order after my 3 year old's 6 day long stomach virus my 2 year old gets up and throws up today :(  I hate when they are sick.  It breaks my heart and I feel so helpless because I want to "fix" them asap.  I hate to see them unwell or sad, or just laying around on the couch when they dont feel well. 

I am actually glad not to go to the gym today.  I push myself and that is a good thing.  But...this gives me the opportunity (since I am guessing this bug will last a few days) to turn the exercise down and still eat my 1200 calories.  Then I weigh in on Thursday and see what it says.  Plus, yesterday I did my 3 mile run AND went to Zumba.  I do dread the next visit to the gym because taking a few days off is never pretty.  hehe.  

Last night after Zumba we went out to get a dress for a wedding we have to go to.  I was hungry so we stopped through McDonalds.  The girls already ate but I knew they would want some so I got a 10 piece nugget meal.  I ate 6 nuggets for a total of 276 calories and had about half the fries(about 190 calories.  And this fit into my 1200 calories for the day.  I felt in control yet treated.  It isnt the most healthy food but I didnt overdo it.  I dont eat fast food barely ever anymore. 

And as for the dress...I tried on dresses from size 10-16 and they all fit.  Interesting right?  The one I ended up getting was a size Medium!!!!  It is a stretchy material but that is not the point!  Medium?!?!   Hooray!!!  And I sent the picture to Teresa who said it looked great and so different from something I would normally wear. It took me a second to get that but she is right.  It is form fitting and like she explained, "it is colorful and not a skort!".  haha.  Thanks T, for opening my eyes!

Have a great day everyone.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Medium IS a nice thing! I'm excited to hit large! It will be awhile though. Nice on the McD's. The few times we end up eating there, I get the grilled chicken and turn it upside down and toss the bottom bun and eat it like an open faced sandwich. Messy but nice on the calories.

Jen said...

Sorry about the gym, but hope your baby feels better :( I hate having sick kids!! AWESOME on the medium dress!!!! Rock it!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Medium! That's awesome!!!! You shouldbe so proud!
I agree! The older I get I also treasure my friendships more and more.
Have a pretty night,

dawne said...

Don't you just LOVE size medium? Yay for you!

terr2131 said...

You are welcome! And you looked great in that pic......Have a great time at that wedding! Go gettem tiger!!!