Monday, June 14, 2010

This new me (Jennifer)

Tonight we met my inlaws for dinner and I was up in the air about what to get.  The last time I got the chicken salad at Friendly's I wasnt too happy with it.  I have decided that Friendly's is not Medifast friendly :(  So I figured tonight I would start the new eating that I have been talking about.  I got a cheeseburger (gasp) and ate maybe 2 or 3 fries.  And this was helped along by me getting on the scale this morning and seeing the same weight that I saw last Thursday.  It just wont budge.  I just feel that with the amount of exercise that I am doing that I should be losing more weight (or any weight for that matter at this point).  I think I am down less than 4 lbs in the last month and it just doesnt seem right because that is when I joined the gym and started really working my toosh off!  So....I think it is time to try something else with my eating because I certainly refuse to stop going to the gym.  I think with all this exercise I am just needing more than the 800-1000 calories a day that Medifast is allowing.

these are NOT my legs....

And that leads me to the title of my post..."this new me".   So tonight after I had my cheeseburger which isnt the end of the world even if I felt it was....I was guilty.  So when I got home I decided to go out for a jog.  I did go to the gym this morning and do 40 minutes of cardio (burned almost 400 calories) and then did upper body.  But I went for a jog anyway.  I figured I would see if I could do a 2 mile jog.  The last and first time I did this last week was on the treadmill at a set incline and speed.  It can be much different on a the paved road with ups and downs along the way.  So I started along and to me starting is always the hard part.  Getting going the first minute or so is rough for me.  But then I was going and I reached my 1 mile mark and thought "wow, could it have been that easy?  Nah...the way back will probably kill me at some point!".  But I made it ALL THE WAY.  And I felt great.  Barely even winded.  Hmmmm...  Jogged right to my doorstep and even wished I had gone  further. Why?  Because I felt like I had so much more in me and like that jog was easy for me.  WHAT???  Who is this new me?  Loving to jog...and more importantly...capable of doing it???   Maybe it was easier because I was probably going at a slower speed than on the treadmill.  But there were hills and I handled them.  Or maybe it was because I ate a dinner with more calories and had more fuel?   I dont know but I just cant get over "this new me".  I like me.  That is probably the first time I even thought that in I dont even know how long.  I want to push myself to accomplish things and feel good about me!  This weight loss journey has taught me so many things about myself.  And I look forward to what I will learn  or accomplsih next.  And I am hoping that no food in the world can take this feeling from me.

A comment from "Winner at a losing game" today suggested I post some before and after pics.  And I think maybe I will as soon as I take the latest pics.  The pics wont really be the before since I had already lost 20 lbs before Medifast and before my blogging, and the after wont really be after because I am far from done.  But I will post them so stay tuned!


Karen said...

Good news on the jogging! Glad that you are discovering a new you and liking it. Me-on the other hand well I just about give up. The weight is not coming off no matter what I do. Grrrr.....I work out a minimum 4 days a week. For the most part I eat healthy. I doubt one cookie in a weeks time will prevent me from losing. Not sure if i'm not eating enough for the amount of exercise I do or what, but I am getting depressed.

Ron said...

Thanks for letting us know that dude's legs were not yours! LOL! Starting your training for our race I see! It should be a good one!