Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Please explain (Jennifer)

Soooo....I have done a little research about how many calories I should be taking in.  And what I came up with is very confusing to me.  According to several sites I have looked it, my RMR(resting metabolic rate) is around 1500 ...give or take 50 calories.  And apparently this is the minimum number of calories I need to take in for my body to function properly...if I were at rest all day.  One site said that anything less than this amount of calories for a period of time will put my body into starvation mode.  My question is this....  I know I am taking in 1000 calories or so on Medifast and that is normal for Medifasters. is my body NOT going into starvation mode?   Or is it?  Is this why my weight seems to be not moving these days with all of this exercise I am doing (and enjoying) ?  If there is anyone out there who can explain this to me I would be greatly appreciative.

My bars are running out and I have lots of shakes left, and pudding.  But I think soon I am going to wean off and attempt to eat normal.  I have reached a point that I like exercise.  I like getting out of the house and doing something for me.  So maybe its almost time to figure it all out and try to eat normal.  Scared?  Yes. But not petrified like I was before.   It will have to be done eventually.  I am in research mode which is what has prompted my question and request for explanation.  So if anyone knows, or knows someone who cann help me understand please contact me!!!

Today I went to the gym and did Zumba and then hit the sauna.  It was nice.   I cant get over this whole "I love to sweat" thing.  It is so different for me.  But I think the difference is that before the sweat was not doing me any good and exercise was actually an uncomfortable thing.  But now I am trying to sweat to burn calories and get healthy.  I guess it doesnt seem the same when I am shoving pizza, cake, cookies, french fries, potato chips (you get the point) down my throat.


Laura said...

It's good that you're at that stage where you're figuring more out. I wish I could help you, but I'm just learning more about me, and I'm sure we're totally different. :)

Tricia said...

This is my theory. You do go into starvation mode, but once you keep your calories low for a while, your body adapts and you do start to lose weight. However, throw the exercise in the mix and then it gets trickier. i think if you are ready to move off of medifast than go for it. But, please dont just stop, do the plan and come off of it. do it safely and the healthy way. I am behind you.