Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 15 results (Jennifer)

I did go off plan this weekend as we went away for our anniversary.  It was the first time and I thought I handled it pretty well.  I exercised a ton this week, even on our vacation.  The scale did not agree with my rockstar-ness that I previously posted.  A gain....  I gained .5 lbs this week  :(   Today's weight:  169.5.   It is also "that time" too so I am trying to take it all in stride.  However, the weight loss has been extremely slow and this gain is getting to me. 

I think it is time...very soon.  I have been talking about it for a while.  Time to try something different.  I have bought some groceries and have them ready for when I make the change.  I will do it for a few weeks and see where it takes me.  I will continue my exercise and take in a few more calories.  I know it will take time for my body to adjust and that is why I will give it a few weeks.  And after a few weeks I will re-evaluate.  If it isnt working out and  I need to restart medifast from scratch and do it strictly then I will.  Maybe it was a shock needed for my body.  I am a little nervous but excited at the same time.  I feel very  motivated to get this weight way or another.  And I just dont feel that exercising can be bad for me.  So I will continue on in my journey.  I intend to keep up on the protein and also to count calories.

I am not sure when though.  I have been preparing myself for this for a while now. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.  I will keep you all posted.

I want to make one thing very clear here.  This is NOT me giving up or failling.  It is just the opposite actually.  It is me wanting to continue on in my weight loss journey and achieve my goal!  I will journal what I eat every day.  I wont bore you all with that unless you want it.  I am just thinking that the 800-1000 calories a day on Medifast is not enough for my exercise level.


Cozy in Texas said...

Congrats on your weight loss. Everything I have read encourages eating more protein if you are exercising 800-1000 calories sounds drastic. Thanks for sharing your journey.
Cozy In Texas
Less of Me

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Have you talked to your health coach about your level of exercise? My coach tells me just what I should eat before I exercise and how/when I should add another MF meal in with what amount of exercise I do to get the right amount of calories needed.

You know your body and if you need to change something. I am so sold on medifast because we have literally tried everything and this program is what we've needed. Because I know it's working for us, it keeps us committed to not slipping off and losing our momentum. I think that's what would make this a hard program, when you bounce back and forth from being on plan and in fat-burning ketosis, and then slipping off and then taking 3 days to get back in that... then you deal with all the hunger & cravings over and over again. Do that 2 or 3 times and it would be very discouraging.

That's why I worry if I did slip off, I don't know if I could handle having all the cravings and hunger again besides the money I just wasted to use 3 days of MF food to get back in ketosis.

It's not a plan for everyone, but we were really at our last hope. Best of luck to you, Jennifer, in finding a fit for your needs and exercise level! I think you're very smart in sensing your body's needs. You've done so great!


Jennifer said...

This for me is a well thought out choice. I dont want to stop exercising. I feel good when I do it. Up until week 14 I stayed on plan and the weight loss has been not too great. I have gained twice in the last month! So that is definately tellimg me something needs to be altered. I too did not cheat all those weeks because of the fact of taking 3 days to get into fat burn mode. And wasting all that food in the meanwhile. I did talk to my health coach several weeks back when the loss slowed and she told me to cut my exercise in half. At that point I wasnt exercising all that much compared to now and I stopped exercising and the weight did come off. But I like exercising now (did those words really come out??) and I dont want to stop. And as far as spending the money, I dont mind when MF is working but to be gaining a few times now and a 1 lb loss here or there it just doesnt seem the plan is working for me at this exercise level. And that is why if I need to come back to Mf to get the rest of the weight off I will do it, without exercise and from starting from scratch. We will see what my body does.

Laura said...

You're doing great! And you're doing what we all have to do at some time or another. Find that happy medium. Like you said, you can't be on medifast forever, but it's fantastic that you're going to be finding the diet that works for you. (By diet, I don't mean "diet". LOL, just the foods.)