Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taking the day off (Jennifer)

It is Saturday and I am taking  the day off from exercise.  Although I did clean the house and that for sure has to be some form of exercise :)  I have decided that I really like this little routine we (me and the girls) have going on.  We got to the gym when we get up during the weekdays.  I had only intended on exercising 3-4 times a week at most.  But our little routine works out nicely.  Working out in the morning really sets the mood for the day :)  And with Zumba added in I realized I am working out 5x a week at this point. 

I am still waiting for the "old Jen" to pop out from somewhere and be starving and out of control with my eating.  But Medifast has taught me that eating 5-6 times a day, and eating the right things like protein, really makes a huge difference for me.  I am the type who totally loses it when I am hungry.  When I get really hungry whatever is in sight will get eaten.  But now, my "hungry" feels more like physical hunger, not a ravenous starving feeling.  I know as soon as I get even a little hungry I better feed the beast of a stomach I have  :)  This is an excellent lesson learned for me that I feel will be key to my long term success.

Also, I am an all or nothing person.  I wish I werent and that is something I am working on.  In the past if I went over my points on WW or got hungry and ate a lot in one sitting I would say screw it and tell myself I would start over the next day. Sometimes I would and sometimes I wouldnt.  I would usually start the day with good intentions but fail by the end of the day. Until finally I was up 75 least.  I usually at light in the early part of the day trying to save my points for dinner.  Little did I know that was just setting me up to fail.  But now, going to the gym or taking a run keeps me on track for my eating since I dont want to "undo" my hard work!  I am really seeing a different side of me.  I used to dread exercise, regardless of what time of day.  I have even shocked myself lately.

***I really want to THANK all of our readers and those of you who comment especially!  I find that this blog is a really useful tool for me and my weight well as reading others.  I always look forward to what I can write next and who will say what about it!  So thank you to you all!!!  You probably dont even realize what an important part you play in my weight loss world!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I think that "Old Jen" is gone... and there is this NEW and IMPROVED Jen that is here for good!! And she loves to exercise and has a new zest for life!! :)

Thanks for your comment on my post... I actually have taken a lot of encouragement from your experience and can't wait to feel that same way. It's slow going for me as I'm not getting out there on the treadmill as often as I want but I do have goals of wanting to become a runner, a cyclist, a basketball player, and even dancer (just like hip hop dancing w/ my man, ya know)... These opportunities are all before me and I just need to push forward and be persistent which I am... slowly but surely. I'm actually going to do a 5k walk/run (more walk for me) next Saturday which will be my FIRST event of anything EVER that involves moving my body!

Thanks for all your encouragement!!! Keep up your aweomeness!


dawne said...

My son is a total MJ fan too. He was a bit too weird for me, but I respect his great talent.

Isn't it awesome that you are finding what works for you...for a lifetime. By acknowledging attitudes that led you down the wrong path in the past your future looks bright!

We can get into those 150's. Come on and you....159!