Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I must be dedicated (Jennifer)

This counting calories and measuring food and writing it all down sure is a pain in the butt.  But I do it because I must be dedicated.  I want this...I want the rest of the weight off bad.  I have come so far and I will not quit now.  And when I get "there" I will be a better person for have measured, and counted and such.  I wont do it forever but right now, even though it is a less than fun task, it is teaching me quite a bit about portion sizes and how much I should be eating in a normal day.  I must say however, that I do catch myself picking here and there.  And this is where the couting and meauring and such gets tough because how much is "a pick"?  There is a lot of guestimating and I dont like that.  Soooo...for now I will try to limit the picking so I can be a little more accurate.  Having said that, I have been doing the best I can and have been letting the calories fall into the 1300 to even 1500 calorie range(in an attempt to eat a little more and maybe stimulate a loss?  We will see how the scale likes this tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned :)

No gym again today.  My little one was sick yesterday morning and then pretty okay for the rest of the day...until bedtime.  Then she woke up and got sick and then again a bit later.  We were in bed and all of a sudden we hear her screaming "I'm gonna do it!!!"  Poor baby.  And this time I was ready.  She is two and the toilet proved not to be the best option.  So...I was in front of her all ready with the towel and bucket.  I knew it was coming and I was ready.  So...what does she do?  She turns around and throws up all over my husband (who does NOT have a towel or bucket ).  He is a great dad and was good for it  :)   Today she seems fine but we will see how she is tonight.  She got up this morning and asked for milk, pancakes AND eggs.  I decided she could have *A* plain pancake with no butter or syrup, and pedialyte.  She was saying "mmmmmmmmmmm" through the whole thing like it was the best thing she ever ate.  She wanted cereal for dinner.  So thats what we had.  A nice change, and extremely simple :) No complaints here.

An odd note:  I am actually excited to wear my new dress on Saturday  :)  I dont remember the last time I was excited to wear anything.

Keep your fingers crossed that the scale is nice to me tomorrow  :)


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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Yes, the counting is a pain in the butt. But essential. It was the only way I was successful. Keep it up!!