Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where have I gone (Tricia)

As I have stated, the past few weeks have been hard on me. My stress level is at its peak because of dealing with my car problems, and I have lost my enthusiasm about the diet. Last weekend, over the long weekend, I threw in the towel. Now, I didn't go overboard and eat everything in site. I didn't even revert back to my own un-healthy eating. I just simply had reached my breaking point and needed to come off of the diet, appreciate the foods I have been missing, and get my enthusiasm back. For two of the three days I was careful about what I ate, but did give myself a little wiggle room (including a cherry cheesecake brownie). Do I feel guilty? A little. Was it oh-so-satisfying? Most definitely. But, I got myself back on track on Tuesday and geared up for the second half of my Medifast journey. Sadly, I did have to relive the first three agonizing days of hunger, headaches, and dizziness, but in my opinion, well worth it. On Friday when I did my week weigh-in I was preparing myself for the worst...maybe a 2-4 lb weight gain. I was secretly hoping for this too. Perhaps it would scare me straight and back on track and to put my urges behind me. But, the weigh-in was bitter sweet. While I was happy I only gained .4lbs, I was sad and thought it was not punishment enough for my sweat satisfaction.
I have also not blogged in over a week because I was really ashamed to tell our followers that my will-power had faltered. It was one thing for my husband to know, but another thing for the world to know. But after thinking about it this weekend, and my long conversation with my cousin over the week, I realized that we all have our ups and downs. The difference between before and now is that before I would have just fallen off the wagon, been dragged for a few miles, and just let go of my goals. This time, however, I still feel like I am in power of me and am optimistic that my weekend slip-up was just me dragging my toe off the back of the wagon. I am in full force again and even noticed that my horrible breath is back, which means fat-burning has begun!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Tricia - I think it helps us all see that we're all human! Good job for getting back on. With Medifast, it's harder when you fall off because it takes those 3 days to get back in gear and get rid of craving all those carbs... but you did it so GOOD FOR YOU!!! Woot Woot girl!


Karen said...

Yes, we are all human. I have to give you and Jennifer so much credit for being able to do Medifast as long as you have. To me, it seems impossible. Reading this blog every few days makes me so proud of how you are both doing (even though I've only met you twice). It's great that you are both doing it together as I think it would be ten times harder if you didn't have eachother. Good for you on getting back on track even though you said it's going to be hard. Keep up the good work!

F. Belt said...