Saturday, June 19, 2010

Enjoying my choices(Jennifer)

Since I got on the scale on Thursday and saw my 4 lb loss I have transitioned from pure fear of not knowing what to eat to enjoyment and excitement!  I am counting calories for everything I am putting in my mouth and I am really enjoying a lot of the foods that I am eating.  We brought the girls strawberry picking which was so fun by the way, but I am really enjoying eating just some plain old strawberries.  Did you know a whole cup is like 46 calories?  A pure and natural food.  No added sugars and I feel good about eating it.  I have also been eating my Fiber plus bars for my gastro health  :)   and I love them.  I sometimes eat cereal for breakfast (measured out along with the skim milk) or a whole wheat bagel thin (only 110 calories).  Last night I had a hamburger and a salad for dinner.  But instead of a bun I used a whole grain bun flatbread sorta thing made my Arnold(100 calories with lots of fiber :). It kinda looks like a bagel but without the hole and it is nice and thin.  I dont mind eating the carbs because I know I am doing the exercise to burn them.  I am not plopped on the couch letting them exhaust me.  And actually, since coming off Medifast I am shocked by lack of tiredness.  I should probably knock on wood at this point though.  hehe.

Yesterday we stopped at a garage sale.  I love a good garage sale.  I usually dont buy clothes at them though.  But there were a pair of crop pants (which are almost long enough to be actual pants at my height).  They were a size 12 and looked small for me.  But the brand was Christopher Banks so I knew they were quality and they looked pretty new to me.  So I figured...why not?  Maybe they would fit me eventually, and if not they were only $2 and it wasnt a huge loss.   I have been complaining that none of my bottoms have been fitting right and am getting desperate again for clothes that fit.  So anyway, today I took them out and said to my husband that I wanted to see how far I had to go before I fit in them.  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They fit!  They buttoned!  And they looked like they were made for ME!  They are my new "confident, skinny pants"!  I was totally shocked!   My husband even said they looked nice and he is not a man of many words.  So coming from him that is nice.  I dont think I have ever been so excited about an item of clothing, especially something from a garage sale!

This morning my 3 year old had her last dance performance.  Only 4 out of the 10 girls in her class went to this performace so I wasnt sure how she would do.  Plus, it was close up as it was in a random parking lot surrounded by people.  But.....................she danced like a rockstar again!  I was again beaming and almost in tears.  I am hoping that her stage fear is a thing of the past now!!!   Come fall both of my babies will be in dance.  That oughta be fun!!!They are getting so big.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

That is SO great about the pants! How cool is that? Way to go and congrats on your rockstar daughter! Enjoy all those yummy - good - wholesome foods!!! :)


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Isn't it awesome to see the success!! Awesome on the clothes fitting! I remember that feeling, it was great. I hope I have that feeling again, I have a pile of clothes in the basement that are about 25 lbs. away from fitting.

I love the Arnold Select Sandwich Thins, they are great. Carbs are fine as long as they are worthwhile carbs like the thins with lots of protein and fiber. You're doing fantastic!

Karen said...

Yey...about the pants! Isn't it a great feeling to think something may not fit right and it does!! Great job rockstar! Sounds like stage fight is long gone!