Friday, June 11, 2010

Week...15?! (Tricia)

Well, I guess we are on week 15 aren't we? Week 15. That's almost 4 months of being on Medifast. How did the time fly by? And, to think that this week I made my mini-goal of 50lbs ( 53 to be exact). 105 days to lose 53 lbs, That's (...divide by two...carry the one...round up...) about .5 lbs of weight lost a day. A DAY! Putting that all in perspective, I am almost at the same weight I was around the end of 2001. 6 years to put it on, three years to talk about taking it off, and four months to do it. That is really eye opening for me and gives me optimism that I can take off the other 47lbs before transitioning to WW.
And, back down to reality for a moment. This week has been crazy! I had an apt with the infertility doctor to get everything in order to start trying for a baby. I am going to get tested for PCOS, which I am pretty sure that I have. Once there is a diagnosis, we can go from there. Its not going to be an easy road. Then I had a follow up apt with my PCP to check on my weight. When she opened the door to the exam room, I thought she was going to dance a jig. She was so excited that I had lost 50lbs and wants me to keep going and follow up with her in another three months. I went over everything with her that I had discussed with my OBGYN and she gave me a great fertility book to read. She also decided to test my iron and my cholesterol just to see where I was at. I thought my iron might be low because I have started to bruise really easily and I can't remember what I did to cause the bruising. The office just called me today to "discuss the results and review the suggestions"...that can't be good. But hopefully if it is just my iron, that will get taken care of with my pre-natal vitamins I have started.
Also, Nate and I had our first consult with the lawyer about my car...UGH, it costs a pretty Penny to make people take responsibility for something. All I can say is, what happened to good customer service? What happened to relying on someone to do the right thing? It is so sad that it has come to this.
Well, on that note, I think I will give a few shout outs. First, to Jennifer for being strong, working out, and being the lowest weight since...what?...highschool? That's terrific!
Second, to Teresa for hanging in there and sticking with her diet even though times are tough. Good for you, We are really proud. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward.
And third, to Naomi, my friend from work who drags me to the gym, (when she can get me to give in to her). She lost three lbs over the past two weeks and I am so happy that she is starting to see results!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jennifer said...

Trish- I am so happy for you! You are doing so well and I now that you seem to have a plan of action going for yourself I am sure you are feeling great! You are more than half way to your goal and you can do this!!!! This 15 weeks has gone by so fast and your results are nothing short of amazing.

KyokoCake said...

Congratulations on your mini goal - those are really amazing results!! :)

Laura said...

Congrats on reaching your mini goal! Those small ones make the biggest one so worth reaching! You're doing great!

That's awesome that you're going to start trying for a baby. What book did your doctor tell you to read? We've been trying for awhile now, and I'll take any help we can get. :)